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How to build a network?

Hi everyone, I'm Meixu who is a high school student in Grade 12. The 3 new things I learned in technology and product management were to do my research. First, identify what I might want to do for a career, use my interests to motivate me to fight for that career and make it a skill for me. In an increasingly digital world, in the beginning, one does not need to choose a career, one writes down a list of 3-4 experiences that prove themselves and through which they can tell the whole story of what is the new skill they have gained and then tell a story through this idea, such as what kind of problem is it? What do you need to do about it? What did you do? Why did you take the action? That's one way to think about the interview to make the dream come true faster. I learned not only how to prepare for an interview, how to think about an interview and how to use technology.

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