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How do youth entrepreneurship landed a job in tech?

Today I had the pleasure of participating in Dannielle Sakher's conference, in which I learned how to be a young entrepreneur and gained valuable advice from Dannielle Sakher.

I summarized what I learned from the conference: 1. Most people know better than you- ask for help 2. Make the most out of mentorship 3. Be ready to enter an open door 4. You will not know what to do until you try 5. Sales is a highly transferable skill.

Besides that, we also marketed things around us, which was very rewarding for me, I marketed my mug, and after being well prepared we started to market, I found my classmates to be very competent and I knew my shortcomings, after the presentation Dannielle Sakher gave me some very useful advice so that I could become a better young entrepreneur.


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