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Highlights on the NHBC

Hello! My name is Medha Sarker and I’m currently a grade 10 student at RH King Academy. Today I had the opportunity to attend the National High School Business Conference(NHBC). I have a few highlights to share about what I learnt from this conference starting with the opening done by Mark Grenon and Jodi Buckley from CPA. I learnt a lot from them about the CPA profession and forensic accounting such as how to apply to be part of CPA and getting recruited. I learnt that you need to be very involved too which can be done by getting internships.

Next was the mental fitness which was very informative and important. I learnt about the 10 saboteurs and 3 core muscles that I didn’t really know about so this was very interesting to me. I found out more about the survivor brain which was fun to know. The other part of the workshop taught me about the 6 important soft skills that Jodi talked about and how to get recruited. I also learnt a lot more about the CPA pathway and the application process.

Another thing was the post secondary questions answered by the 4 post secondary panelists and this was very beneficial and important to know since we got insights on certain things that many people don’t have the answer to so this was helpful to know to help us later on and give us a idea.

Finally, we have the CPA challenge which gave me a real life experience of what I could expect in this field and how things work. This was a very Innovative experience and it was fun working on this with my team. I learnt new skills from this and it was interesting to know what everyone else thought about this case.

Overall, this was a very interesting and engaging. I enjoyed being part of this and I learnt a lot of things such as positive and negative energy, psychology, more about CPA and accounting itself. I think this was a great conference and everything was useful to know.


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