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High School Ambassador Program (HAP)!

High School Ambassador Program

An amazing program for high school students! Helping build resumes and broaden their knowledge about the real world and our future in careers, while being exposed to exclusive contests, conferences and the chance to connect with CPAs

So what is it?

HAP (High School Ambassador Program) is a program for all high school students where they are given access to unlimited workshops hosted by professionals. There are workshops for many different topics for many different interests. You also have access to contests where you can win cash prizes and resources which help guide you through your post-secondary and your career journey.

What does it include?

Being part of the HAP, you have access to No Limits Conference, CPA Showcase, CPA InstaChallenge, Write to Ignite and more!

They also have so many other resources such as:


CPA Ontario High School Hub is a one-stop career-development resource for high school students. You are given access to CPA’s latest articles, upcoming events, competitions and more.


In CPA showcase you can show off your talent with a 60 second YouTube video for a chance to win upto $750!


This resource is where you focus on your limitless future at the No Limits Conference. You can connect with CPAs, learn new skills and insights on your post-secondary choices.


In this resource you have the amazing opportunity to connect with CPA Ontario through these partners


Pen your way to a chance at a cash prize! Write to Ignite is an annual essay competition open to all members of the High School Ambassador Program (HAP).

The most amazing part about all of these opportunities is that they are free! This means you can sign up for cash prizes, learn more about important skills for success, have useful resources for post secondary and beyond, etc. for absolutely no cost except a curious mind and an open spirit!

It is also virtual! This makes all the workshops, contests and resources even more accessible! You can enjoy and access all of these amazing things from the comfort of your own home.

Being part of the High School Program is very beneficial for very driven students who want to succeed in the future and students who want to expand their knowledge on very interesting subjects. No matter what your future looks like, HAP will give you the skills and the knowledge for you to succeed and most importantly stand out, in your future endeavors.

My views:

I have personally been a part of the HAP for a few months and the opportunities are endless. When I am older I’m not looking into going into entrepreneurship but I would love to go into law. I have seen so many great workshops that would really help me in the future to develop and gain skills for being a lawyer and for studying law itself. I am currently in the tenth grade, meaning I still have some time before I really have to start thinking about university applications, but time flies. It is also never too early to start taking these opportunities and starting early, because it gives you even more of a head start! This is the best part of the High School Ambassador program in my opinion, no matter where you want to go or what you want to do in the future, there is a resource/workshop/opportunity for everything and every interest or ambition.

To find more information about this program, you can visit their website

To sign up you can visit

This officially hits the end of the blog!

Hopefully it was very informative and convincing. Without doubt, HAP will help you reach all your goals in many different ways. Now what are you waiting for? Go sign up!

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