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High School Ambassador Program

Hello everyone! My name is Harry, and I am an incoming grade 11 student at Upper Canada College. For the past two weeks, I have been engaged in a summer mini co-op program offered by Illuminate. The co-op was phenomenal as I learned numerous business-related concepts and was able to apply them from the different modules offered. Each module covered a variety of different topics, including but not exclusive to, verbal and non-verbal communication and marketing. Overall I would recommend the co-op experience to anyone interested in business and finance.

Whilst on the program we had a module that pertained to the high school ambassador program (HAP) offered by the CPA. Personally, I have been a part of HAP for a few months now and the resources offered are endless and very helpful. For a career path, I am looking to enter finance and have been researching useful qualifications to accompany it, and one such qualification is to become a CPA. During the co-op, I watched a seminar on the application of becoming a CPA and found that 70% of all CFO’s in Canada had a CPA qualification. As I am not too far from entering university I believe that it is vitally important to begin looking into programs that can help build a solid foundation and joining HAP is one of these programs. What I have also learned is that having a CPA designation is not just limited to finance and accounting but can also be used for many different sectors such as the medical and engineering sectors. In my opinion, the best part of being on a high school ambassador program is the seminars, workshops, and resources that are provided no matter what your chosen field. I really hope my experience has convinced you to join the high school ambassador program, it will be a worthwhile and rewarding experience.

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