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Getting The Job You Truly Want

Last weekend, I got the privilege to attend Illuminate’s Think Tank with Mash Chowdhury, a

cybersecurity consultant at Deloitte, as part of Illuminate’s Associate National Lead program. I was extremely inspired and would like to take the opportunity to share what I learned with my Linkedin platform.

Mash Introduced us to the 4 Laws when trying to get your dream job:

Law #1: First impressions are everything. It is important to capture the attention of someone important upon this first impression, because no one is willing to give you a job or position unless you prove that you are worthy of consideration.

Law #2: Your parents, teachers, friends and “insider connections” cannot get you into your organization. Ultimately, you will need to focus on your own strengths to get into a company because if you enter a company through connections but do not have the ability to succeed in the role, then that path is a dead end.

Law #3: Be a sniper. Don’t bring a shotgun. Make sure you know which position or role is your TARGET. Never send the same resume to multiple job openings assuming that you will at least get accepted into one of them. Know your target job, and focus on that specific position using specific terms and experience for the position.

Law #4: There’s literally no other way to the top. There are no shortcuts in the long run. Work hard until you get to the top. However, everyone’s definition of success is different. Your biggest challenge will be learning to be successful in your own way.

Additionally, Mash also introduced us to the “6 step career formula” which includes showcasing our academic strength, personality strength, professional “wow points”, why we are ready for the role, what makes us stand out, and the must-have job requirements. All these points are important when answering job related questions during an interview, or to know while applying for the job.

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