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Coffee Chat with Patricia Eddu

I recently had a coffee conversation with my mentor, Patricia Eddu, whom I initially met at a CPA Ontario focus group feedback event in December. Her enthusiastic commitment to assisting students and her vibrant personality immediately caught my attention. Patricia is presently employed at CPA Ontario while concurrently pursuing a Master of Science in Business Analytics at NYU Stern. Intrigued by the field of data analytics, I sought insights into it as a potential career path, and what better way to learn than from someone actively engaged in it!

1.. Career Journey Thus Far

In our coffee chat, Patricia stressed that she did not envision herself in the field of data analytics during her undergraduate years. Following the completion of her double major in communications and psychology at Carleton University, she made a transition to York University, where she earned a certificate in Business Administration.

Her professional journey hasn't followed a straightforward path. Initially considering a career in journalism, she later found her true passion for recruitment during her time as a tour guide and subsequent host at Carleton University.

Shortly after taking on the role of a recruitment officer at CPA Ontario, Patricia observed a recurring scenario. She found herself frequently shuttling between senior management and the data team. Her responsibility evolved into deciphering complex data and effectively conveying that understanding to senior management. Reflecting on this experience, she mentioned, "It took me three days to make sense of the data, and only five minutes to present it." This particular situation acted as the driving force behind her shift into the field of data analytics.

The main point she aimed to convey is that you don't have to have everything figured out right now, and achieving success requires finding something you're passionate about and putting in dedicated effort. She emphasized, "While I no longer advocate for working long nights, I do acknowledge that I wouldn't be where I am today without them."

2. Advice for Someone Breaking Into Data Analytics

  1. Finding a Mentor

Patricia acknowledged that she is in the early stages of her data analytics career and, consequently, has a mentor. She shared that her mentor is a person she can turn to whenever she requires guidance.

2. Competitions or Portfolio

Drawing from her recruitment experience, Patricia highlighted the importance of providing concrete evidence of your skills. She emphasized that employers seek tangible proof of your past accomplishments and reasons why hiring you would be advantageous.

3. Skills Required to Succeed as a Board of Ambassador

I brought up in our discussion that I am interested in applying for the Board of Ambassador position within the Post-Secondary Ambassador Program under CPA Ontario. Patricia outlined these essential skills for achieving success:

  1. Resilience

She conveyed that possessing resilience is crucial for attaining success, involving adeptly adapting to challenging situations while maintaining composure. This resilience is valuable in achieving long-term objectives and navigating through difficulties without easily giving up.

2. Dedication

People who are dedicated tend to be committed to their goals and responsibilities, which translates into a consistent and focused effort in their work. Dedicated individuals are dependable and can be trusted to fulfil their commitments.

3. Collaboration

Collaboration is essential because it promotes shared goals, enhances communication, and builds strong relationships, ultimately leading to greater overall success in both individual and collective efforts. This is especially important when working with other boards of ambassadors and the campus team.

Patricia emphasized the significance of enjoying the role and suggested that I embrace vulnerability by placing myself in uncomfortable situations. She highlighted that such vulnerability is a catalyst for personal growth and improvement.


After my coffee chat with Patricia, I feel at ease. The stress of meticulously planning every aspect of my life has lifted, and I am enthusiastic about the abundant learning opportunities ahead. I plan to maintain my role as a sponge, absorbing as much knowledge as possible. I feel assured that I am on the correct path, and I eagerly anticipate reconnecting with Patricia in the future!

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