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First time at Illuminate x CPA

Hello! My name is Rawan and I am a Grade 10 student at Woburn CI. Today was the first time I ever attended a conference with Illuminate, and I loved it. In the beginning there was a guest speaker who talked about his career as a forensic accountant. I had no idea that such a career even existed. It was nice to find out that business and working with money isn't limited to people with companies. We had 2 workshops where we learned about mental health. I learned two new alternative terms of what to call a bad mindset, saboteurs, and what to call a good mindset, sage. I also learned a potential new pathway to go through in the future which is becoming a CPA, I am really interested in this pathway and would not have known about it if not for this workshop. Really greatful. Lastly, there was a forensic accountant kind of challenge which was really fun to do. I worked with and interacted with my groupmates and we tried to solve the challenge but at the same time we were having a blast. I loved this Illuminate conference and would love to come to another!!

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