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Deep Dive into Software Engineer

Hey everyone, my name is Katelyn, a grade 11 student at Sentinel Secondary School. This Saturday, I had the privilege of attending Sangeet Parashar’s Think Tank on “Engineering your life using software” as a part of the Associate National Lead program. It was a great experience where I got exposed to new ideas and perspectives, met like-minded peers and built my professional network. Sangeet truly opened my eyes to the world of programming and a role of software engineering.

Sangeet talked to us about his journey from high school through university to who he is today. His journey taught me to keep trying new things until I have found the one career I am truly passionate and interested in. Sangeet deeply guided us through what a daily routine is for a software engineer. A typical daily routine consists of planning, stand up meetings, designing solutions, 1:1 programming, and debugging. Sangeet talked about his experience because he has been through very similar routines and he mentioned that the best part of this routine is the 1:1 programming which was fascinating to me. I am not the best at coding or programming so I never thought that programming is the best part of the routine.

Throughout today’s think tank, we dived deep into creative tooling:

Artificial intelligence:

  • Enables us to create more personalized experiences for our audience


  • Blockchain allows creators to securely store. share and monetize their content.

Our world is surrounded by technology; the most trending and well known resources are ChatGPT, Grammarly, Amazon chatbot, Notion etc. All of these technologies are examples of Artificial Intelligence; these are all created to help consumers make their lives easier. One of the most trending AI on the market right now is ChatGPT. This is a chatbot designed and created by OpenAI; it is an AI system using large data and information to create a unique answer to any questions a consumer wants to ask. It is a very useful tool especially for students like me to do any research. Another frequently used AI tool is chatbot; a lot of companies input chatbot on their websites to help run the business smoother. They are excellent for providing quick and efficient customer service, answering frequently asked questions, and automating routine tasks, ultimately saving time and resources for businesses.

Talking about Chatbot, Sangeet went through a very thorough process and showed us how to personalize a chatbot for a potential burger company. He showed us a step-to-step process of editing and programming which I found quite fascinating. Sangeet showed us how to edit and add detailed descriptions for the AI to answer any potential questions a customer might have. He also demonstrated how to program the bot to process orders for customers. Sangeet mentioned the coding and orders we give has to be very detailed and shows a clear step to step process. By writing a detailed code for the AI, we can also create a fun process and showcase as many toppings and choices for our consumers. Throughout this experience, I learned quite a lot about programming because I never had a chance to experience coding. Overall, I thank Sangeet for taking us through what a software engineer’s typical job looks like and a very deep dive into the technological world.

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