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CPA High School Ambassador Program!

Hi everyone, I'm Yash a grade 10 student at Unionville High School! For the past few weeks I have gained so much valuable information from the high school ambassador program (HAP) and the summer mini coop has opened me to the great opportunities that the HAP has to offer! So in this blog post I will explain why the HAP is for and high schools students interested in business or finance!

The HAP has to offer many events such as competitions, contests, conferences.

An example for a competition is the CPA showcase competition. In the CPA Showcase, you will have the chance to win up to $750 by making a 60 second Youtube video showcasing any talent that you have.

An example of a contest is the "Write to Ignite"annual essay contest. You will a chance to win the top prize of $500 plus $100 for your high school business department. The theme of what to write an essay about will be determined prior the event.

An example of a conference is the, "No Limits Conference", members have the opportunity to connect with real CPA's, learn these key transferable skills and understand what choices are available for them in their post-secondary education for multiple jobs, especially accounting.

The HAP is how high school students can get a feel of what it is to become a CPA, and you may ask why would I want to become a CPA? Well during my summer mini coop, I learned that 70% of all CFO’s in Canada had a CPA qualification and that CPA's can work an in many industries so why wouldn't you get a designation?

Thank you so much for your time. I highly encourage you to sign up for the HAP if you have any interest in the topics that I have talked about above. You will learn a variety of skills, meet like-minded individuals and it will help prepare you for any future endeavours!


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