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CPA High School Ambassador Program

Throughout the past few months, the CPA High School Ambassador Program has provided me with an invaluable opportunity to grow my "sphere of competence" in a plethora of different topics, from the practical to the more abstract. In this blog, I hope to provide an explanation of what the HAP provides for all members and a justification of why this opportunity should pique your interest.

Now you might be thinking, "but John, I don't want to become an accountant. Why should I sign up for this?" Wonderful question, my hypothetical colleague! You see, the HAP prepares you with transferable skills, applicable to virtually all professions. In each event, focused on a specific skill or set of skills, members receive training from skilled professionals that normally range around career exploration, but can even be about simple things such as preparing to do your taxes.

Additionally, the HAP includes multiple other events, described below:

In the CPA Showcase, members have the chance to win up to $750 by making a 60 second Youtube video showcasing any talent at all! While this is truly a fun event, members learn confidence, hone their talents and impress their peers.

At the No Limits Conference, members are given the opportunity to connect with real CPAs, learn these key transferable skills and understand what choices are available for them in their post-secondary education for multiple jobs, especially accounting.

Throughout the year, members can work with partner organizations, including DECA, Illuminate Universe, MUN organizations, certain post-secondary institutions and more. These partners provide many services that can expand the experiences of members beyond what the HAP offers.

Finally, the Write to Ignite Essay Competition is the perfect chance to hone your writing skills and display your potential to create an interesting essay based on a particular theme. The winners receive cash prizes of up to $600!

Thank you for your time. I highly encourage you to sign up for the CPA HAP. You will learn an abundance of skills, meet so many individuals and truly be prepared for your future.

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