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Building Resiliency

Key learning points

During this workshop, I learnt quite a few things. To build a foundational understanding, Hiren went over what it means to be resilient. When someone is resilient, it means that they are able to bounce back from adversity and they are able to work through any stress and emotions that they are facing. A second thing that I learnt in this workshop is the benefits of being resilient in the workplace. What I took away is that resilient people have healthy coping mechanisms when dealing with stressful events. They are able to tap into their support systems and strengths in order to work through difficult situations. In the workplace, this leads to more happiness, increase levels of productivity, and organizational commitment. A third thing that I learnt is how to build up resiliency. A few main ideas I took away is to practice relaxation techniques and self awareness, reframe negative thoughts through a neutral standpoint, and pay attention to your mental and physical health. At the end of the workshop, I learnt a lot more about resiliency and how it can be applied to all aspects of life, including in the workplace.

My experience with the Illuminate x Hiren workshop

I had a lots of fun learning about resiliency in this workshop. What I liked most about it was the fact that it was interactive. Hiren used a third-party software that allowed the audience to be engaged with the questions he was asking. I really felt like I maximized all the learning I could through this interactive activity. For example, he hosted a true or false lightening round to check in with all of us. In addition, the content was very easy to understand and follow along. The workshop was done in a professional manner, while trying to keep an upbeat and fun mood. I would recommend this workshop to my friends.

How I will incorporate resiliency for career and personal development

As someone who sometimes faces anxiety when it comes to stepping out of my comfort zone, after this workshop I am making the conscious effort to be more connected with my mind. The tips that Hiren went over on how to build resiliency was super helpful. I can see myself practising how to reframe situations I see as threats to challenges. To make progress in my career and personal development, it is important that I try new things and pursue new opportunities. It is reassuring to know that anyone can become resilient. To get where I want to be in life, I need to open myself up more and to not be scared of the unknown. Hiren is truly an inspiration and was the best speaker for this kind of workshop.

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