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Breaking The Stigma of Old Traditions - Reflection On Gavin Cheung Entrepreneurship Podcast

Having listened to Gavin's podcast as a grade 12 high school student led me to be inspired not to let my creativity be restricted by preconceived ideas, but rather to allow it to become something meaningful.

It is inspiring to hear Gavin's story about his struggles in the educational system and his concerns. My experience of seeing academic results in my grades and feeling demoralized by them resonated with me. I was impressed by Gavin's willingness to use his creativity rather than go the traditional route through schooling. Rather than feeling discouraged by my grades, I felt inspired to be motivated by the results I had achieved through my own personal projects and goals (such as fitness, mental growth, or the pursuit of passions). I learned that motivation is a result of doing not than mindset. In spite of the fact that grades can be discouraging, one can continue to grow by following their passions and doing what they enjoy, as Gavin did.

Gavin's key takeaway: "If I'm planning too much for certain things I realize that I just need to step back sometimes and just kind of wing it because I do the best when I am in a creative environment when I'm not locked into a certain box". Gavin taught me that planning too much can stifle creative progress. Instead, I should focus on being agile and open to taking risks instead of overplanning and structuring. This lesson taught me the importance of staying flexible and pivoting when needed.

As someone who has always been fearful of taking risks, Gavin's story about co-founding MotionGrey taught me that embracing risks is critical to progress. Even when it takes a long time for progress to be realized, the results can help one feel confident and aspire to continue growing.

The journey may be daunting, but Gavin's story showed me that the rewards far outweigh the risks. I gained a new sense of perspective and gained the courage to pursue my career goals as a result of this experience.

Gavin's story was eye-opening, as he illustrated the possibilities of starting a business, as goals shift from traditional to creative. I'm now more confident in my ability to create something unique and valuable. I'm ready to take the steps necessary to turn my dreams into reality and I'm excited to see what the future holds.

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