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Breaking into Consulting at Deloitte

Get ready for another think tank session today with Emily Liu! Emily is entering her third year at Ivey Business School. Other than her internship at Deloitte as a risk advisory consultant, she had interned and worked at various major companies, such as an SEO intern at Staples, and a business operations lead at Illuminate! As she reflects on her journey, Emily aims to provide valuable insights that transcend the confines of her internship, offering a valuable resource for anyone looking to enhance their problem-solving skills, adapt to new challenges, cultivate a proactive work ethic, and master the art of networking and resume building. Join Emily as she delves into the transformative power of these key lessons, showcasing how they have influenced her approach to work and life, and inspiring you to embark on your own path of continuous self-improvement.

Critical Thinking and Independence emerged as foundational pillars, guiding her through a myriad of challenges.

It was not merely about finding solutions but crafting innovative ones, a skill that propelled her towards exceptional problem-solving. Emily found that embracing a mindset of curiosity and autonomy allowed her to dissect complex issues, encouraging her to explore multiple angles before arriving at conclusions. This ability to think critically was akin to having a compass in uncharted territories, ensuring she never lost her way amidst intricate problems.

Moreover, Emily's internship underscored the significance of Leveraging Available Resources. The training materials provided weren’t mere obligatory documents but became her trusted companions. These resources, meticulously crafted and readily accessible, transformed into her arsenal, empowering her to confront diverse challenges. Emily discovered that true resourcefulness lay not only in self-reliance but also in the adept use of the wealth of information at her disposal. The intern's journey became a testament to the power of these resources, demonstrating that their potential was truly unlocked when coupled with her proactive approach.

In the crucible of her professional growth, Emily found that resourcefulness was more than just a skill; it was a Mindset of Exploration and Utilization. It was about diving deep into the unknown, armed with knowledge and creativity, and emerging victorious. Her experiences illuminated how this trait could transform obstacles into opportunities and setbacks into stepping stones. Each challenge became a canvas for her resourcefulness, a space where she could paint solutions using the brushes of critical thinking and accessible resources.

Embracing this newfound understanding, Emily tackled diverse tasks, from unraveling complex data patterns to conceptualizing innovative client solutions. Her resourceful approach didn't merely yield results; it illuminated the path forward, showcasing that the most daunting challenges could be conquered with the right mindset. As she emerged from her internship, Emily carried this invaluable lesson with her, not just as a skill for her career but as a life philosophy, reminding herself and others that with resourcefulness, no problem was insurmountable.

Applying These Learnings

Emily's journey through her internship was more than just a series of lessons learned; it was a transformative experience that reshaped her approach to both her professional and personal life. As she stepped out of the internship and into the world, she found herself armed with a toolkit of invaluable skills and mindsets.

1. Professional Application:

The resourcefulness she cultivated became her superpower in her professional endeavors. Armed with critical thinking and a proactive mindset, Emily found herself not just solving problems but anticipating them. In her workplace, she became the go-to person for tackling intricate challenges, her colleagues admiring her ability to think on her feet and navigate complex situations with ease. Her adaptability and willingness to embrace diverse perspectives made her an asset in multidisciplinary teams, where her capacity to understand different angles of a problem provided unique solutions. Her proactive approach, coupled with a bias for action, made her a catalyst for positive change, transforming her workplace into a space of innovation and creativity.

2. Personal Growth:

Beyond the professional realm, Emily's resourcefulness seeped into her personal life. She found herself approaching obstacles with a newfound confidence, understanding that challenges were not roadblocks but opportunities to apply her resourceful mindset. Whether it was navigating personal relationships or pursuing her hobbies, she embraced challenges with curiosity and determination. Her willingness to learn from every experience, coupled with her proactive nature, allowed her to create a life rich in meaningful connections and personal achievements.

3. Leadership and Mentorship:

Emily's resourcefulness didn't just benefit her; it became a guiding light for those around her. Recognizing the transformative power of her learnings, she took on leadership roles within her community, mentoring others to harness their innate potential. Through workshops and seminars, she shared her experiences, emphasizing the importance of critical thinking, adaptability, and proactive problem-solving. As a mentor, she encouraged others to explore the uncharted, guiding them to discover the wealth of resources available to them and empowering them to overcome challenges with resilience and creativity.

4. Continuous Learning and Contribution:

Applying her learnings wasn't just a one-time endeavor for Emily; it became a lifelong commitment. She understood that the world was ever-changing, and to stay ahead, one must continuously adapt and innovate. Emily engaged in co

ntinuous learning, exploring new fields, and delving into diverse subjects. Moreover, she became a contributor, sharing her insights through blogs, podcasts, and workshops. Her experiences became not just personal lessons but a source of inspiration for others, urging them to embrace resourcefulness as a way of life.

In Conclusion...

As Emily continued her journey, she carried the torch of resourcefulness, illuminating her path and the paths of those around her. Her story became a testament to the enduring impact of applying profound learnings, showcasing that with the right mindset, one could transform challenges into opportunities and lead a life of continuous growth and contribution.

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