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A Simple Step to Stand Out As a High School Student

Hello there! Are you wondering how to gain a competitive edge in high school? Are you looking for opportunities for learning, networking, and possibly earning prizes? I would like to introduce the High School Ambassador Program to you.

Who I am

A brief introduction of myself first. My name is Erin Sun and I am going to be a grade 12 student this September at Nelson High School. I am driven to learn while, not going to lie, building a good resume. Luckily, I found the High School Ambassador Program to help me achieve my goals. I really benefited a lot from this program since I signed up for it almost 2 years ago. I then realized that many of my peers have the similar intention as me, so I hope this blog about the High School Ambassador Program will help you find just what you are looking for.

What is HAP?

HAP stands for High School Ambassador Program which is offered by CPA Ontario. HAP’s main purpose is to offer you exclusive and high quality resources such as workshops, contests, conferences etc. No more struggle for gathering information from different places! You will have newsletters emailed to you about these opportunities, which is totally voluntary to join. You can pick and choose the ones you are interested in, and it is completely free! Below are some newsletters that I, a High School Ambassador, have got.

To prepare for case competitions, a common type of business competition, you have the “Case Competition 101”.

Unsure of your next step after high school? You have the “CPA Nights With Post-Secondary”.

For general and practical skills or knowledge (and gift cards), you have the “Get Financially Literate” Workshop and “HAP Discovery Day”.

To participate in meaningful competitions with appealing prizes, you have “Write to Ignite” and “Showcase”.

These are just the tip of the iceberg - you will have VIP access to a variety of events for students interested in all fields, though it is more focused on the business industry. Further, one of their must-see events is the No Limits Conference which is dedicated to your limitless career possibilities.

The next No Limits Conference is this fall, so get ready to explore various career paths and develop critical skills through CPA-led interactive workshops, spotlight interviews and networking opportunities. It was online for the past conference due to Covid-19, but fortunately, we might have an offline conference for the upcoming one. It is an invaluable chance to interact with a full room of like minded students for mutual support and motivation.

You can be assured that you are getting professional experience since HAP is offered by CPA Ontario as I mentioned in the beginning. CPA Ontario stands for Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario. It is a qualifying and regulatory body of Ontario's Chartered Professional Accountants. Beside being an educator and a regulator, CPA Ontario is also a provider, thought leader, and an advocate. You are able to express your talent and absorb knowledge without any glass ceilings or limits that the small realm of school sets upon you. Let’s step out into the professional business world with CPA Ontario HAP. This will help you to kick start your journey into the business world.

Summary - Benefit of HAP:

- Not just CPA focused

- Free

- Completely voluntary

- Connect with CPAs

- Prizes

- Access to multiple resources (ie. High School Hub that has their latest articles, upcoming events, competitions and more)

- Build your post-secondary applications and resumes

- Get exposed to the professional world

All in all, get involved in HAP to ignite the fire in you! Visit for more information, and register by simply clicking the “New Registration” box and following the instructions.

Thank you for reading :)


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