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A Journey towards Understanding the World of Law

As a Community Leader at Illuminate Universe, I had the opportunity to learn more about the vast world of Law. Law is a profession concerned with the rules, standards, and norms governing society. The world of law is broad; it contains various branches, challenges and issues, and continuously evolves. It can be difficult to understand or gain awareness of its important aspects. Despite the amount of content that still needs to be discovered, I have a higher level of understanding of Law than I had before creating this blog. Illuminate: The World of Law effectively broadened my knowledge and allowed me to become more confident about my career goals and interests. This blog shares the strengths of the learning experience, how it can develop our personal growth, and facts about Law that I found interesting. 

Learning through ‘Illuminate: The World of Law’ is a captivating experience. Here’s why:

1.) Delivery of detailed information is clear and concise.  

Each topic is organized into separate sections without sacrificing conciseness through its choice of formatting. For example, the information about each branch, from Constitutional Law to International Humanitarian Law, is in point format. The benefit of this formatting is that individuals can retain more information and easily digest it within a short amount of time.  I take a lot of time to be able to understand topics that I either lack or no knowledge about. Being able to learn more about my career interests allowed me to become confident in my personal and professional growth. 

2.) Highlights the current impacts of technology, legal debates, and challenges within Law. 

There are still a lot of legal debates and current challenges worldwide, to the point that watching the news can be overwhelming. However, I also think that it is important to be aware of current events to empower individuals to fulfill their role in lessening negative impacts and disputes. In Climate Change Litigation, for example, to reduce emissions, youths called for government action by leading a climate change lawsuit. Illuminate x The World of Law highlights these kinds of issues that exist today. Some of which I have little knowledge of but this is one of the qualities that makes the work-integrated learning experience great! It allows you to recognize the varieties of issues that you can feel empowered or interested to support and make a positive change in. 

3.) Serves as a guide to success

To me, Illuminate x The World of Law is an eye-opening learning experience for aspiring law students and people who are passionate about learning. I felt uncertain whether Law would be the right career choice for me. Pursuing law has its challenges like every career, it may feel difficult to know where to start or the idea of law school is intimidating. The learning experience notes the educational requirements, bar admission, factors in choosing your practice, alternative legal roles, and more! From this, my advice is that there are varieties of opportunities ahead of you that can align with your interests. It is not impossible to reach your goal, whether it be in the world of Law or another world. Explore new possibilities and challenges you are willing to face, once you know these aspects about yourself, your career path will be as bright as day!

3 Interesting Highlights From my Review About Law

  • Understanding Civil Law

Civil Law covers a range of practices: Commercial Law, Property Law, Tort Law, and Family Law. The best way to explain Civil Law is that it differs from Common Law. Common law puts the case law on top while Civil law puts the statutory law on top. In a Common law case, lawyers seek pieces of evidence that can be used for a defence that challenges the Prosecutor’s evidence. These pieces of evidence will then be considered by the Judge or jury, to create a proper verdict. In a Civil law case on the other hand, the role of the Judge is to be the main investigator and to explain the civil rights and wrongs within the case. To create a verdict in a Civil law case, the Judge considers the laws that were violated above all commonalities related to the case. 

  • The Future of Law and Technology

We see the impacts of technology in our homes, workplaces, highways, or on television. We have smart contracts and remote legal services, examples of the influence of technology within the legal profession. Smart contract platforms are accurate and efficient, minimize errors and reduce time associated with manual tasks. The challenges related to the use of smart contracts are regulatory compliance and standardization of smart contract protocols. Remote legal services allow flexibility, cost savings, and work-life balance. Similar to smart contracts, virtual law firms face issues such as client confidentiality, data security, and effective communication. 

  • What is Conflict of Interest?

There are cases when lawyers have reasons that prohibit them from representing their clients. These situations are called conflicts of interest within the legal field. Conflict of interest involves concurrent conflicts, former client conflicts, and personal conflicts. 

Examples of each type of conflict: 

  1. Concurrent conflict - The lawyer has a family member involved in the case. Third-party relationships within a case can make a lawyer biased against you.

  2. Former client conflict - A client asks a lawyer to represent them in a case. However, the lawyer previously represented someone else in the case, a victim for example. The lawyer won’t be able to represent the client if they represented someone else in the case from the past. 

  3. Personal conflict - An attorney feels that they can’t represent a client to the best of their abilities due to the nature of the charges. 

Summary: Acknowledge the Steps You Take To Achieve Success

There are still a lot of elements that I haven’t discovered about Law. Even so, I am very happy to be able to share my personal growth and what I have learned to everyone with a passion to learn and grow as well. The opportunity of reviewing The World of Law, being a part of Illuminate Universe, and creating this blog – allowed me to feel motivated to continue my journey as an aspiring law student and provide the community with new knowledge and inspiration. Your goals, interests, and aspirations are not out of reach, continue to pursue them by exploring and going outside of your comfort zone!


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