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Wisdom From Illuminate X Universe

Greetings! My name is Josef Geshelin and I am a grade 9 student currently attending Alexander Mackenzie high school. Today, I was fortunate enough to attend the Illuminate x North York Regional Conference. In this blog, I wish to discover executive thinking and Career pathing.


"The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge" - Daniel J. Boorstin


Opening Keynote

Dan Kiernan, a career coach explained the 3 C's to introducing yourself professionally

  1. Context ~ Provide the person with who you are and where you come from

  2. Credibility ~ Exclaim how well you know about the topic; what you are studying

  3. Call to action ~ Communicate why you came here and what you look forward to

Mr. Kiernan put up all into breakout rooms free of judgement to practice forming this structure into an introduction of ourselves.

Workshop #1

For the first workshop, Dan Kiernan came with the shocking fact that many people of my generation will end up working for 20 organizations and make three many switches in their career. He presented how to select what career to pursue.

  1. Reflect ~ Decide logically what your strengths and weaknesses are. It is important to ask others for help in determining all strengths and weaknesses.

  2. Explore ~ Appoarch others already in the industry and discuss with them how being a part of the industry is like.

  3. Activate ~ Using Knowledge built up from exploring, secure a spot in the school or job in that industry

Workshop #2

Swish Goswami is the entrepreneur of Trufan. He has raised 4.1M so far and continues to grow into new heights. Swish came to educate us on his road to accomplishment. He informed us of his insight and how his networking is what helps form the foundation of his company. Swish told us that it is much better to take a calculated risk than to regret it in the future.


Deloitte Keynote

The Deloitte keynote showcased team collaboration and how to work under pressure. The keynote Provided a practical question of issues with the education system and how to solve them. This exercise forced me to be flexible and prepare with only an hour.


I view myself with entrepreneur skills as I am able to cooperate with others and prevent conflict. As well, I am able to hold my front on whatever work was assigned to me. If I only had $5 to start a company, I would start with using social media to build up a following and place eyes on my product. After gaining a following, I can use the media source to promote content and make small profits. With more time and popularity, I gain more attention and therefore, more potential promotions. This chain would repeat causing more wealth to come in with more popularity.


I am very passionate towards becoming a better communicator in the context of business and continuing to discover different career choices. One of the major things I learn from Illuminate x North York was that it's okay to make mistakes and as long as you continue working towards the goal, you will achieve it.


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