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What Is It Like to Have Leadership?

I think it's amazing that the speaker wanted to follow her own dreams instead of becoming an engineer just like the rest of her family. She chose different pathways to see what she really enjoyed which is what I found so great! She didn't know much about CPA yet, she still wanted to explore it and that ended up becoming your future. I found that really interesting because I'm in grade 11 and I'm still struggling to figure out what I really want to do in the future so when she mentioned how she was that age and still didn't know what to do, gave me hope that I can find many things to do and see what I really want to do with my future!

The first workshop for me was the Deloitte Leadership Workshop. I really like the examples and stories the speaker gave because it gave me an image of how saboteurs and sage modes work. Saboteurs mode motivates behaviors through negative emotions like fear and anger. Sage mode motivates behaviors through positive emotions like empathy, curiosity, creativity, passion and purpose. The speaker had a slide with 9 pictures showing the motivations and styles and the one that stood out to me the most (because it related to me) was the hyper-achiever and stickler because I think I always want the work to be pretty extra and perfect. I enjoy group works but many times I like taking charge. I'm also a little bit of a restless because if I don't think the project is that great, I will finish it even though it means to sleep at 3am! The speaker also mentioned if negative emotions were good for us. This I could relate to because sometimes when I get really stressed, my emotions start to get flimsy and frustrated. My ideas tend to come out really clearly at around evening times and the sage mode comes in with positive emotions and a wider perspective of creativity. Basically, I'm more of a sage mode worker because I stay very positive and this is why it helps me have great motivation and creative ideas. I love how the speaker shows how to get out of the negative emotions(saboteur mode) to activate the sage perspective. Thanks!

I agree with the speaker for CPA, that to be a designation, you're knowledgeable, skilled, and competent. He listed a bunch of professions as designation and the one that stood out to me is teaching because I actually want to go in to something for teaching little kids at school. I love how the speaker also brought up how much money you make but also mentions that you shouldn't do something just for the money, but for something you actually love doing. I am actually not too great at communication or problem solving or decision making but I'm really good at leadership, teamwork and ethical behaviors. I'm not sure I will be part of CPA just because I am not too interested in the prerequisite courses required for CPA.

I loved the speaker's stories about her daughter in the racing cars and how she struggled with changing tires but when she had assumptions about a guy that kept walking over but didn't help her, he actually couldn't help her because she was better at changing tires than her! I can relate to this because I make assumptions about someone all the time even though I don't even know that person.

Do I consider myself an entrepreneur? I think I do because I can make decisions and also plan really well with organization when it comes teamwork or even individually. If I only had $5 in my pocket, I would create my business starting with buying some gifts and making fliers for a singing class at my house. Then I can make more and more money from that and get more supplies for art studio. I know I must use Sage mode mindset for positivity into looking into my future!

I think I'm absolutely very passionate about and looking forward for next year after attending NHLC is creating my own business for teaching at home and tutoring! NHLC was pretty fun and competitive and if you're scared to do it, really just go for it! It's worth it!


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