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Unlocking Success as a Student - Insights from a Coffee Chat with Alina Guo

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

Recently, I had the opportunity to have a coffee chat with Alina Guo, a passionate individual with a strong background in business and marketing as a second-year Rotman Commerce (RC) student also apart of the RC Consulting Association and RC Women in Business.

My biggest key takeaways and learning points from my coffee chat with Alina Guo include:

The Power of Connections:

Having a strong network plays a vital role in any field, including entrepreneurship. Connecting with others and establishing meaningful relationships can lead to new opportunities, collaborations, and innovative ventures. This insight reinforced the idea that success often stems from the connections we cultivate.

Pursuing Your Passion:

Communication and Marketing:

Thoughts and Motivation:

The advice and wisdom shared by Alina have sparked a newfound motivation within me, being more inspired to put myself out there, take on new challenges, and actively seek opportunities to expand my professional profile. It motivates me in wanting to step up, try new things, and look for ways to grow professionally, especially when she mentioned getting involved into as many school clubs, partaking in extracurriculars, and even having work-study experiences. Just as Alina advises, by expanding networks, and gaining more practical experience, especially during high school years, I similarly feel this can play a significant role in shaping futures and discovering opportunities.

Main tips and advice for peers interested in pursuing a similar career path:

Build Connections:

Make an effort to build connections by putting yourself out there and expanding your network. It is important to make meaningful connections with professionals, join relevant organizations, and actively seek mentorship opportunities. Your network can have a significant impact on shaping your future, regardless of the professional industry you aspire to pursue.

Partake in Extracurriculars:

“It's great to have that experience, especially in high school through your extracurriculars to build that confidence which can be beneficial for your future”

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