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The Rapid Change of Technology in the Workplace

Hello everyone. A short while back, I had the privilege of attending Austin Teshuba’s Think Tank on “Technology and Product Management” as a part of the Associate National Lead program. As part of this program, aside from getting to build and host my own conference, I get to build connections with industry professionals and leaders.

Austin Teshuba’s presentation gave valuable insight into the world of business, and how technology gets incorporated into everyday activities and projects. I learned how to ace an interview through storytelling, build an effective resume, and apply technology and coding to the real world.

The use of storytelling to build a personal brand is a powerful tool because it helps to make connections and lead the way toward self-discovery. Thanks to Austin, I understood just how impactful and important this can be. I realized that I was interested in further developing my technological skills because of how essential it is in a corporate setting. I think that this is a necessary realization for many students regardless of age and field of interest, and as someone who’s in grade 12 and planning on going into business, it was a valuable learning experience that has helped me reflect on my own skills and interests.


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