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The Amazing NHLC

Updated: Dec 9, 2020


Hi Everyone! Today, I had the pleasure to attend the Illuminate National High School Leadership Conference with over 170 students globally. Here is my blog which strives to highlight what I learned about topics (pick your topics: management, executive thinking, collaboration, consulting, finance and entrepreneurship).

Body Blog Content:

I learned that the speaker studied international development, later switched to business program. The speaker is interested in solving the world’s problems, and perhaps one day being part of the United Nations workforce. The speaker later became CPA and learned skills such as reading financial statements, leadership, entrepreneurship, critical thinking skills. Finally, I learned that leadership-resilience is important.

In the workshops, I learned that 1 dollar today is more than a dollar tomorrow- investment/savings

Here are some more of my notes:

How to pick/invest in stocks

Is it a good business?

Does it have good returns?

Does the business have a future and good growth potential?

Ex. apple, tesla- electronics

Is the price of the stocks overvalued?

Later, I also learned that

What is compound interest? Exponential growth of money investments

A day in the life of a consultant/associate consultant

How to define/determine market sizing

A favorite quote of mine was, "Great companies start because the founders want to change the world, not make a quick buck."


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