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My blog about this confrence

Hello, everybody! My name is Misha Bhatti, and I am attending Pine Ridge Secondary School, Grade 10 student.

I had the privilege of attending the provincial conference of Illuminate X Durham today.

Aside from having the rare opportunity to spend the day learning about the stories of many accomplished known women in STEM, I was able to learn so much! To start with, I discovered that young minds are extremely imaginative. I've seen many instances when my peers or colleagues are undervalued because of their age.

One of our keynote speakers, on the other hand, seemed to convince us otherwise. This conference is one such case!

I love how we are all so kind and amazing to one another, and I just want to express how much I enjoy this incredible opportunity.

Also, I believe that attending this conference helped me learn something that will help me improve as a person; what I learned was knowledge.

This insight will motivate me in the future to face life with courage and to do new stuff.

To be completely frank, I don't have a favorite event from this conference; I believe that everything was similarly thrilling in its own special way.

In addition, there were some tense moments during this lavish meeting.

Finally, I liked all of the lectures, but one, in particular, got my attention: the speech about imposter disorder. When I was listening to the speaker talk, I remembered that I may have this form of the disorder, so as she was discussing what can benefit me with this current disorder, I was really interested in her speech, and I did take some notes to help me in the future if I ever have this type of disorder continuing.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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