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Machetes on Millimeter Mountain - 5 Components to Become the Ideal YOU

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Welcome back to our ThinkTank featuring one of our most inspirational and energetic speakers. To say Jay Kiew is experienced is an understatement, having worked as a consult for Deloitte and Telus before becoming a Managing Partner at Citizencentric. Join us as we delve into finding your ideal self in "Machetes in Millimeter Mountain"!


Jay's Millimeter Moment

What is a millimeter moment? Jay describes millimeter moments as unexpected moments that can hit you, or anyone, and completely take over your life. For Jay, it was the diagnosis of a tumor in his pituitary gland just 2 months prior to making the presentation. In that moment, he was forced to sit through his fear. As he dwelled in this overwhelming fear, he became sick of it, and considered his future clearly for the first time since the diagnosis.

1: Explore the Terrain - Obtain a Million Futures

Jay started his mental recovery by considering every possibility. After that, he considered all the plausible outcomes, followed by all probable outcomes, before finally arriving at what his preferred outcomes were. By doing so, he came across 1 million outcomes for him to choose one that he wants to pursue.

2: Assemble the Avengers - Enroll a Milli Mentors

On Jay's journey to success, he describes the key role that mentors played. The words of mentors can play a huge part in your success, either reinforcing your potential, or even extinguishing the spark of potential that you have. Jay notes that he has had both types of mentors, but it is important to not hold the mentor in contempt for extinguishing your spark. Instead, he holds himself accountable for letting his dreams die.

3: Visualize Adventure - Creating a Playful Pathway

Jay always wanted to be a public speaker. He encourages all of us to hold our dreams close by. Just because our path may not be exactly what we want, it doesn't mean we have to drop everything that we hold dear. Jay suggests that everyone maintains a side hustle of our dreams if our main job isn't what we want.

"Goals are just a dream with a deadline" - Drake

Jay puts a particular emphasis on that line. He encourages everyone to put a deadline on their dreams. Give each dream a quantifiable day to attain it, and work to hit that goal. This brings him to this advice.

"Don't mix up what you're working on with what you're working for." Jay advises us put a balance on your work life. Even on the most stressful of days, Jay remembers to set aside time to spend with his family. Prevent yourself from burning out from work, and remember what all your hard work, all the time you spend you spend at the job, is really for.

4: Embark and Elevate - Propel with Purpose

Jay relates his paths to success to Doctor Strange peering into the future in Infinity War. Once Doctor Strange found that path to attain his goal, he proceeds to follow the steps to reach that goal. He encourages all of us to seek that path, and once we find it, to unabashedly follow it. For the most of us, that road will never be a straight path, and it will be full of obstacles and difficulties, so Jay also imparts upon us these two tips to move forward:

  1. When you get discouraged, look back to see how far you've come

  2. When you get complacent, look ahead to see how far you can go

By following these tips, Jay has continued to see progress towards his goals. This mindset ensure that we can continuously find motivation in our work, and and provide ourselves with an outlook befitting of our success.

5: Advance and Adapt - Embed the Beginner's Mindset

Necessity is the mother of invention. Jay admits that he is not perfect. There are things that he would never be able to accomplish, but needs to be completed in order to achieve his goals. That's what fuelled his drive to innovate and adapt. If he cannot work alone, then he will make a company so that there are more people to help.

Jay says that it is important to take a step back to see what needs to be done, and to embed that beginner's mindset. Jay points towards Microsoft as a role model for this purpose. Microsoft took time to observe what their customers wanted. Because of this maneuver, they were able to acquire ChatGPT and ensure a continued longevity in the future of the ever-evolving tech industry.


By embedding Jay's methodology into our daily lives, we can continue to maintain a positive outlook on life. Remember to maintain a view of the cone of possibilities, and your path will never be out of sight. There should never be a moment of complacency, and we should hold ourselves accountable to our own success and failures.


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