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Illuminate X CPA

Hi everyone my name is Tharun Verma Siravoori and I am a Grade 11 Student at Woburn Collegiate Institute. Today I had the pleasure to attend the National Business Conference. Here are my thoughts highlighting what I learned about the opportunities CPA has to offer!

Pathway to becoming an accountant^

One can expect a 6 figure salary from being an accountant after several years of experience^

I enjoyed the first presentation regarding Forensic Accounting, since I was able to listen to stories of how forensic accountants are given the responsibility to piece together possible transactions and expenses that may have occurred, Forensic accounting in of itself seems like a difficult task. I was also fortunate to attend the CPA presentation for the second time, as I've attended the very same one at school, however it never fails to amaze me about the opportunities they have to offer, and I'm proud to be a part of their HAP! I found the presentation regarding mental exercises beneficial given its ability to relieve stress, so I might use this when I go to post-secondary so I keep a positive mindset.

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