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How to get scholarships

Last Saturday, I got to attend Tomiwa Ademidun’s Think Tank on “Ways to Receive Scholarships” with the Associate National Lead program. This was a think tank I needed a lot. As a grade 12 student who is constantly worried about my future at university and not wanting to end up with debt when I'm done, it taught me so much. Tomiwa has his own website Ataila which provides students with resources, links, and materials for scholarships.

Additionally to this, he also took the time to go through the application process and how to find scholarships. He talked about the urgency of starting now and staking scholarships in order to be able to pay off a majority of the debt. This gave me a view of what my future holds and how I can tackle it head-on. In the end, he also took time to answer any questions and kept everyone engaged till the very end.

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