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How do I stay productive?

A few days ago, I had the opportunity to speak with Omer Uddin. Omer works at Grant Thornton LLP as an accountant and is a student at Ontario Tech University. I met Omer for the first time this past summer, when we were both in the same accounting class. One thing about Omer that I had observed was his ability to stay focused during lectures and while studying afterwards. As someone who finds difficulty in concentrating and becomes easily distracted, I used this chat to learn from Omer, how he stays productive.

Some of the advice that Omer gave me are the following:

  1. Blocking time on a calendar

  2. Taking breaks often

Blocking time on a calendar based on how much time each task is expected to take, helps you be focused and motivates you to finish the task within that block. This is very important as in this way, you are less likely to waste time because you have set a definite goal about which tasks you want to complete and have a specified time limit to complete it. I always believed it was right to sit in one place until I finish the task at hand, but Omer pointed out that taking breaks helps recharge the mind. If you do not take a break, the mind will slowly become less productive and the results will not match the time spent on the project.

Furthermore, Omer talked to me about the importance of expanding my network. Some of the points he highlighted were about how crucial it is to join student clubs and societies, as well as having an open mind. Always being willing to learn more and being open to new perspectives, will open up more opportunities for success.

I learned a lot from speaking to Omer, and I hope this write up will give you new ideas to stay productive.


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