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Daily Duties

Hello everyone, As part of the National Deputy Leaders Program, I had the pleasure of participating in Sangeet Parashar's Think Tank on the topic of "Designing Your Life with Software" on Saturday. It was a fantastic experience that provided me with many new ideas and perspectives. I've had the pleasure of hearing about Sangeet's journey from high school to college to today through this think tank. In contrast to the perfect journey we often see, Sangeet's story stands out in comparison to those who discover their "true passion" right out of high school. His experience was a harrowing one that we can so closely relate to because it is so similar to our own.

Sangeet described how he changed his major four times before discovering his passion for computer science. Sangeet's journey demonstrates that "the perfect thing" does not exist. Passions and interests are discovered through failure, exploration, and trial and error. In today's society, these ideas are frequently discussed as if they are innate; however, Sangeet's story demonstrates that passions are something we learn through experience, not something we are born with.

Instead, Sangeet describes a typical day for a software engineer as follows: planning, stand-up meetings, designing solutions, 1-to-1 programming, and debugging. This realization aided in determining the viability of my chosen future career path. Furthermore, Sangeet emphasizes modern society's increasing reliance on technology, which comes as no surprise to most of us. However, we frequently overestimate our technological knowledge because most of us believe we understand how it works when, in fact, we are unfamiliar with its drivers. ai (artificial intelligence) (artificial intelligence). To put it bluntly, AI is something that assists consumers in making their lives easier. ChatGPT, Grammarly, Amazon chatbots, Notion, and other popular examples are listed below. Chatbots are one of the most common applications of artificial intelligence. Many businesses use chatbots on their websites to improve customer service by providing real-time solutions/answers to common problems. This not only makes customers' lives easier, but it also saves companies time and resources while increasing goodwill, which leads to customer retention.

Sangeet demonstrates how to create a personalized chatbot for a potential burger company to make this think tank even more engaging. Although we use technology on a daily basis, we frequently ignore it because we fail to recognize that technology is simply a screen in front of us. However, it's surreal to see how technology can improve our lives.


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