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Providing lessons and guidance to the next generation of
future leaders.

Lecturers & Speakers


A Message to our Speakers.

At Illuminate, we cherish community, passion, and world class education. Believe us when we say that our speakers are a key component to our success. Your dedication to educate and talk with the next generation of future leaders does not go unnoticed. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to provide our students with information and lessons that they will keep with them for life.

About our Honorariums

All of our speakers are presented with two options with regards to the honorarium that we happily provide after the conference has been completed.
The first option is to accept the honorarium, it is well-deserved! We are so grateful for your time and willingness to come and present your personal experiences and own learnings to these driven and passionate students. 

The second option is to donate this honorarium to Illuminate's public scholarship pool. We believe that students should not be restricted from world class education due to financial bounds. This is why we created the public scholarship pool.

The purpose of this scholarship is to enable our students to attend the Academy. When one applies and is granted acceptance into the Academy, we ask if they require financial assistance. If they answer yes, we collect the appropriate paperwork and cover the amount that they cannot afford to pay. This is where the scholarship pool comes into play. The money from the honorarium would be granting students the opportunity to join the Academy and experience a new way of learning. 

Again, we would like to thank you for your time, dedication, and passion that you present to our students and bring to Illuminate. We are positive that it will leave a lasting footprint in their personal lives and future professional careers. 

Past Workshop Facilitators and Lecturers

Here are some of the wonderful speakers from industry-leading companies that have presented for Illuminate.

Past Speakers

We're Always Looking for Speakers

Want to help us build the next generation of business leaders? We're always looking for passionate people to help enrich Illuminate Leadership Academy and share their experiences!

Why Students Love
Illuminate Leadership Academy

nicole c.jpg

Nicole C.

2020 Alum

“Working through Illuminate Leadership Academy with an industry-connected learning model, I personally felt empowered to see myself as young leader of the future, who will be ready to help tackle the many issues our society face at the digital age.”

jack l.jpeg

Jack L.

2019 Alum

“I had been able to explore the world of Human Capital Consulting that led me to become a better leader than I am today. Illuminate helped me grow tremendously as a leader by helping me build communication skills, self-awareness, empathy and cooperation.”

nicole s.jpg

Nicole S.

2020 Alum

“I was able to learn about technology, innovation and human capital consulting through mentally stimulating modules. It provided me with key knowledge and information I had not yet been taught in school that is relevant to my future.”

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