Illuminate Universe is an organization that is dedicated to the advancement of high school business education. We engage and empower the next generation of business leaders through experiential learning. With backing from our National Sponsors, Illuminate Universe is building fundamental business skills coast-to-coast across Canada.




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Frequently asked questions

Team Formation

Can I form my own team?

Yes. Students are encouraged to form their own teams with a designated team captain who will act as liason with event admins. Remember, there must be 5 individuals per team. Team rosters must be submitted by one person on your team. A form will be sent out after registration. Last day to register a team is March 12th.

How many people can be in a team?

Students must be in a group of 5. Special cases must be approved by Executive Programme Manager, or via hr@illuminatevancouver.com for all locations. Please note that requests are not final and Illuminate reserves the right to accept or decline team formation requests.

What if I don't have a team?

Not to worry, we will put you in a team or let you join an existing team. We do encourage you to grab a few friends to participate with you. Remember, they don't have to be in business to participate.

Cases + Competition

What type of case can I expect?

We won't be revealing the case beforehand, get ready for a sweet surprise! The basic frame work of solving a case still applies.

Where can I find cases to practice?

A folder of resources will be sent out after you register. It will include many practice cases and solutions. You will be ready in no time! You can also checkout Illuminate Publishing for cases from past events.


Who can participate?

If you are a student in high school (up to and including grade 12), passionate about making a difference in your community and helping those around you, then you should register! You do not have to be studying business. We want to welcome a diverse group of competitors at our event.

How much money can I win?

Up to $1000 can be won including the case prize and scholarships.

What will I get from an event?

Good question. The All-Access Day Pass will include the following features:
​Workshops revolved around tasks of executive roles in a large corporation Networking and Q/A session with corporate executives Keynote speeches with industry professionals Business Leadership Certificates issued by Illuminate Universe and Affiliated Partners Networking lunch with corporate contacts A complimentary networking session, snacks and drinks provided Conference freebies and personalized business cards Case competition registration for up to $1000 CAD in cash Breakfast, lunch, snacks, and drinks are provided

When and where will the competition take place?

Date: March 2021 Location: Zoom Meetings

Registration deadlines

Deadline to apply as a participant is Friday, March 12th at 11:59pm PST! Students must register individually or as a group prior to the deadlines. Visit our 'Leadership Conference' Page for Registration information. May be subjected to change: keep an eye out on our social media!

Why do I need to submit my resume?

This is mandatory, we will be sharing your resume with our partners for potential future internship opportunities. If they see a fit, they will reach out!

Analysts vs. Coordinators

What is an Analyst?

An analyst can look like two different roles: Marketing-Data or Operations. To summarize, your role includes Market Analysis and Growth. Both individual roles focus their efforts on creating marketing campaigns and using their network for recruitment whether that be within Canada or internationally. They are able to achieve further opportunities for growth upon request. For more information, please visit our Join the Team Page.

How is this position different from a high school coordinator?

Both positions focus on growth but the analyst role includes market analysis. High School Coordinators' efforts are more towards personal and smaller networks. For more information, please visit our Join the Team Page.

Can you apply for an analyst position if you were previously a high school coordinator?

Yes! We are accepting all applications to be reviewed for joining our team.

Our mission

We engage and empower the next generation of business leaders through experiential learning,

co-created with our premier business partners. 

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