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Business At Its Finest!

Hello! My name is Anya Kumar and I am a grade 9 student attending Alexander Mackenzie Highschool. I am interested in becoming something business or health related. I had the pleasure to join Illuminate Universes North York Conference. It was an amazing opportunity and I learned about how to succeed in the real world and met so many amazing people.

We started the conference of with some introductions of the leaders and the founder of Illuminate Universe. Everyone was so nice and it was really nice seeing grade 12 students who are also attending my school. After that we met a successful speaker named Dan who guided us in making efficient and structured introductions and interviews. We got into breakout rooms and practiced the skills he taught. This was a helpful opportunity and I believe I will use the skills Dan taught in the future. Then we ended up doing a team building exercise, in which me and my team had to create a presentation about how the university application process should go. I had a grade 11 in my group and she guided us through the process and it was a really great opportunity for growth. We worked together as a group and I ended up creating friendships with the people in my group. Finally we got to meet another speaker named Swish. He taught us about influencer marketing and how to create different connections with people.

I am grateful for this opportunity because I was able to learn so much throughout the conference and the advice taught to me is something I will use on a day to day basis. If you every get the opportunity to join this conference take in every second because it is incredibly helpful and gives real life advice.

Thank you for reading about my time at the conference!

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