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National High School Business Conference

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Meet the Executives

chris chau

Hey everyone! My name is Chris, I am currently a Grade 9 Pre-IB student at Alexander Mackenzie High School. This year, I am honored and proud to serve as Conference Executive for NHBC at Illuminate Universe. As a person who is passionate about many things, including the social sciences. I am here to learn and develop my skills in the field of business in general. Being the person that I am, I am willing to get my hands dirty to try new ideas and skills that I can learn. In addition, I hope to build relationships with like-minded people in the world of business. During my free time, I enjoy trying new foods, learning new skills, and taking long bike rides by myself.

cylde wang

Hi everyone, my name is Clyde Wang! I am a Grade 10 pre-IB student from Dr. G. W. Williams Secondary School. I have an interest in finance and business management, which is why I am incredibly thrilled to be one of the co-chairs for NHBC! I was first introduced to Illuminate Universe last November when I attended NHLC. Being able to attend NHLC has given me a new insight into leadership and innovation. It has also helped me network with many passionate and like-minded individuals. This year for NHBC, I plan to help foster the next generation of business professionals around the world. As well as meet new people who have the same enthusiasm and excitement for business as myself!

Ishaan grewal

Hello everyone! My name is Ishaan, and I am a grade 11 AP student attending Crescent Heights High
School. My passion for entrepreneurship, desire to create and lead change, and strive for competitive
excellence led me to get involved with Illuminate Universe. As the Co-chair for NHBC, I look forward to
helping students explore their business and entrepreneurial passions in a competitive, fun, and
encouraging environment at NHBC! As a member of Illuminate Universe, I strive to empower high
school students, forge the next generation of leaders, and pave the path toward a better tomorrow. On
behalf of the executive team, I hope each of you will enjoy NHBC to its fullest and grow as leaders in our
ever so evolving society!

Aarushi Shroff

I’m Aarushi Shroff, a grade 10 students currently in the TOPS Program at Bloor Collegiate Institute. I can not wait to be a part of Illuminate and share my passion for business and finance with other likeminded individuals. When it comes to my interests, I enjoy fostering my entrepreneurship, discovering new technology and learning new things every day. In my free time, I play my saxophone, do graphic design and read all genres of books. I can’t wait for NHBC this year and getting to know everyone!

Ekam Sidhu

Hi there! My name is Ekam Sidhu, and I'm a grade 12 student at The Woodlands School. My passion for entrepreneurship, technology, and social development led me to join the Illuminate Universe team. I'm thrilled to be the Chair for the National High School Business Conference and to help make business-focused experiential learning opportunities more accessible for youth! In my spare time, I enjoy hiking, playing volleyball, and listening to a good podcast. 


Hi I’m Smit Desai, I’m a grade 12 student from Bill Hogarth Secondary School. I have a keen interest and passion for business specifically business leadership and management and I’m thrilled to be a Co-chair for the NHBC. My prior experience with Illuminate Universe and my passion for business has motivated and led me to take in this position as a NHBC conference executive. My goal is to dive deeper into the world of business and learn as much as I possibly can in order to strengthen by business knowledge and experience. This will help me out a lot in the long run as I plan to work a career in the business field. On behalf of our executive team I hope everybody will enjoy this unique opportunity and learn something valuable after fully experiencing the NHBC.

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