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The Future of Women in

Leadership and STEM

Illuminate x Durham

Let's dive into "The Future of Women in Leadership & STEM"

Ever wonder what makes an individual a good leader in STEM? Learn about the world of professionals in our upcoming Leadership Conferences.

Join us April 17, 2021

About the Event 

Illuminate x Durham brings you a virtual conference presented by Illuminate Universe, in partnership with CPA Ontario, Deloitte Canada, and Concentra Bank. Our conference will bring together students from all around Durham and the GTA virtually on April 17, 2021, for an engaging event with speakers, workshops, mentorships, and competitions in an attempt to extract the potential hidden within all of you.

Students will be in teams of 4 - 5 and participate in engaging activities such as inspirational keynotes, interactive workshops, and collaborative challenges throughout the day. The passionate members of Team Durham hope to bring you a day of exciting and memorable experiences while also offering you valuable information on STEM and leadership positions. Unite with others who share your passion as we learn from leaders in STEM and pave our way to being the next leaders. 


So mark your calendars on April 17th where we will Dive into the Future of Women in STEM and Leadership. Note that this is not exclusive to women, we encourage men to sign up, and together we can exceed the vision


Conference Schedule

Copy of Regional Leads Timeline.png

Meet the Regional Lead Team!


Zupaash Naveed 

Conference Design and Customer Experience

Hi there! My name is Zupaash and I am the Chair of the Illuminate x Durham conference. My role is to take care of conference design, customer experience, and lead my team of Associate Regional Leads. I am passionate about the world where business meets technology and being part of the future. I am also passionate about helping others. I believe that there is talent everywhere; we just need people who can extract that potential from our society, and that is my goal for the conference. I want to hold an opportunity for students across Durham where they can showcase their talent; I want to be an enabler and extract this talent. My goal for the conference is to bring something new to my region, and hopefully let youth in Durham break any barriers they might face from being in an underpopulated region. 


Nafia Nadeem

Recruitment and Marketing

Hi there! My name is Nafia and I am currently a sophomore at J.Clarke Richardson. I as well am one of the Marketing and Recruitment Regional Leads of the Illuminate x Durham conference. My role is to market our conference and engage potential attendees. I will also be responsible for all the content/design creation and digital drive growth to our conference. I am passionate about helping and uplifting people, learning about various new topics, and teaching them to others. When it comes to hosting our own Illuminate conference, I strive to make other individuals realize that you can accomplish anything you set your mind to. I want them to explore the different careers in a field, look at the different pathways, and learn that they don’t just have one option, but in fact many!

illuminate team profile.jpg

Richa Patel


Hey there! My name is Richa Patel and I’m a student at Pine Ridge Secondary School. I am also the Speaker Outreach of the Illuminate x Durham conference. My role is to recruit potential speakers and judges and work with our Chair and Speakers to ensure our conference runs smoothly. I am passionate about using technology to change the world of medicine. Being able to make significant contributions to help improve the health of people around the world is what I strive for. I want to hold a conference with people who have a similar goal to mine - to help people. Through Illuminate, I can hold a conference where I give students the opportunity to build the tomorrow they want.



Digital presence sPEAKER oUTREACH

Hi everyone, my name’s Mishal! I am currently a student from Pickering High School and the Speaker Outreach for the Illuminate x Durham conference. My role is to reach out to potential speakers who will not only bring valuable information and experiences to our conference but help to make the conference more enjoyable for the attendees. I, myself, am passionate about making a difference, no matter how small, that could make our world a little better for everyone. As well, I love STEM-related topics and so, I am greatly looking forward to creating an enjoyable experience for you through our conference. Through this experience, I am hoping to help students build a greater understanding of a potential future career and provide them with a valuable learning experience that may be precious to them in the future.




Hi, my name is Prusti Patel. I am a student enrolled in Pickering High School. I am also one of the Recruitment and Registration Regional Leads at Illuminate for the Durham Regional Conference. My role is to successfully recruit and manage registration and communicate thoroughly with all attendees participating in the conference. I also make sure the conference plan gets executed as smoothly as possible. I am very passionate about careers within the STEM programs, specifically Mathematics and how it connects with modern and growing technology. I thrive to continue working hard to make this conference successful. I am hoping all attendees receive the best and the most valuable experience. 




Hello! My name is Poonthalir Linghan, I am attending Pickering High School.  I’m one of the other Recruitment and Registration Regional Lead. My role in this team is organizing the conference schedule and managing  and recruiting attendees. I’m passionate about uplifting others, I know everyone has potential to be successful in their own way with the right direction. We are hosting this event to help students with this overwhelming process of their future careers. My personal career interests include politics, finance and business. My goal at illuminate is to uplift and teach as many students as I can, making them confident and ready walking towards their goals and future. 


Quick Answers

Teams will consist of 4 - 5 competitors/registrants.


If you don't have a team of 4 - 5, we will assign other students to your team.

How many people will be on each team?

Any individual registrants or teams with less than five people will be merged together with others to ensure all teams have at least four people. 

What if I don't have a team?

Registration forms are open for you now. We prefer that you register A.S.A.P. The deadline for the form is on March 30.


If you have missed the deadline, please email us:

What happens if I miss the team registration deadline?

Registration forms can be accessed hereThis form will ask for your names, emails for contact, and your team members. 

The deadline to complete the Google Form will be March 30 at 11:59 pm.

Please note that if you do not provide the names of your team members, you will be assigned to a team by random.

When does Team Registration happen? How do I register my team?

All team members need to each purchase a ticket by March 30.

Tickets will cost $30. However, discounts can be given in certain circumstances. If you would like to apply for a discount, please email us at: 

Do I need to purchase a ticket?

Each team will elect a “Team Leader” on the Team Registration form (to be released). They will then receive information from Illuminate through email (event reminders, case details, etc.). 

You can also join our team google classroom to receive updates using the following code: (to be released)

How will communications work?

Information is included on our website. However, if you still have questions, you can email us at or check out our google classroom. Our classroom will have regular updates about the event to ensure that you feel as prepared as possible!

Where can I go to get information?

The conference will begin with a keynote which will transition us into our two workshops, run by leaders in STEM. The day will end off with an exciting case study competition. To close it all off, we have a very intriguing keynote speaker planned for the closing remarks!

What can I expect at the conference?

Yes, all attendees will be participating in a case study that will be released through email and on the google classroom on April 3rd.


You will have 2 weeks to complete your case study and will then present it to the audience + a panel of judges. A prize will be awarded to the top three participants chosen by the panel of judges, as well as, people’s choice awards that will be chosen by the audience and presented to the winners the day of.

Will I be participating in the case study?

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Class Pass
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Class Pass

In our increasingly competitive world, students are taking more and more steps to find opportunities to set them apart. However, there is one constant issue: the financial cost of choosing to pursue these opportunities is quite high for many. So, we decided to introduce the Class Pass Initiative at Illuminate, which allows teachers and educators to help students to maximize their potential without facing those prices.


With the Class Pass, we are working towards lowering the opportunity cost of excellence. The Class Pass allows teachers to purchase bundles of Illuminate Business Conference tickets, and grant them to students at a lower price. There are three tiers of the class pass, which are as follows.

Tier 1 (15 tickets): 10% off

Tier 2 (25 tickets): 20% off

Tier 3 (35 or more tickets): 25% off

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