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Henry greenberg

Henry Greenberg is a student from Oakville, Ontario. He is passionate about education, leadership, and innovation. Henry is the founder of SOAR Entrepreneurship, an educational organization with a mission of fostering a passion for entrepreneurship and innovation in modern learners. Henry is excited to work with Illuminate Universe team and partners to deliver an engaging conference for motivated high school students.



Irene Hu is excited to serve as an Operational Management Intern for NHBC: CEO For a Day! She is currently a grade 12 student from St. Paul Secondary School. She truly loved helping out with NHBC 2019 as it was such a remarkable and rewarding experience, so she decided to become an intern again! From networking to competing at business conferences and events, she has found her passion in business. She can't wait to meet everyone at NHBC: CEO For a Day!


Joshua rovner

Joshua Rovner is a Grade 11 student at William Lyon Mackenzie CI. He loves to read, eat, and play sports, particularly tennis. Passionate in the fields of mathematics, finance, and economics, he is always excited to learn and improve his skill set. At school, he has taken leadership positions on the Business Council and in his Finance Club in order to provide exciting learning opportunities for other students. As an attendee at NHBC in June, he was inspired to actively pursue his passions outside of school and hopes that he can provide the same eye-opening experience to all of you.

Lakshya Balchandani.jpg

lakshya balchandani

"Whenever people ask me to describe myself, I draw a blank. I mean, how can you explain yourself to someone in just a few sentences? It's one of the most difficult tasks, but one that I must attempt nonetheless. 


Lakshya is an intern for the NHBC and is currently a grade 12 high school student with a passion for business and an interest in changing the world for the better. He loves reading and considers himself to be a prolific writer and speaker who is always ready to share his views with the world. Ever since he was young, he has also loved movies, and thought of himself as somewhat of a "wannabe" film critic! “I'm no Rotten Tomatoes, but hey, everyone has to start somewhere.”


Maxwell sze

Maxwell Sze is a grade 11 high school student at AY Jackson Secondary School in Toronto, Ontario. He discovered his interest in business when he was given accounting as a random course,  but he ended up loving the class. He attended the last NHBC event in June, and the great experience motivated him to intern for the upcoming event in October. Maxwell is enrolled in the Business SHSM program, is Vice President of Leader's Collective, and the treasurer of his school's Key Club. He is also a casual photographer and enjoys playing basketball and softball in his spare time.


Miren vijayaranjan

Miren Vijayaranjan is a proactive high school student with 2.5+ years of extracurricular leadership experience and a proven knowledge of operation management, strategic planning and staff training and development. He currently attends Woburn CI’s Gifted academics program where he is involved in numerous student organizations such as student council, deca, prefects and Woburn athletic association. He hopes to attend Western Ivey upon graduating in pursuit of the prestigious HBA degree.However, he is currently aiming to leverage his abilities to successfully fill the role of an operations intern at illuminate.  Frequently praised as driven & focused by his peers, he can be relied upon to help any organization discover a brand new horizon of excellence.


Prabhneet malhi

Prabhneet Malhi, mostly referred as Prabh, is a grade 12 student at White Oaks Secondary School. She is an outgoing and energetic person and always invests 100% in all the work she completes. In her free time she enjoys listening to music, playing and coaching volleyball and hanging out with friends. She plans on pursuing a post secondary education in business and is super excited to be working with Illuminate Universe and taking on her role as an operations manager.


roberto armena

Roberto is thrilled to serve as an Operations Intern! In his final year of high school, he hopes to pursue a business/commerce program in university. From participating in JA to serving as a provincial executive on Target Alpha, he likes to get involved outside of school. Due to the amazing people he meets and the skills and experiences he gains, these activities have helped him discover his passion for business. By helping to organize the upcoming NHBC, he hopes to help other students find their own passion in this exciting field!


vannessa chen

Vannessa Chen is a grade 12 IB student at White Oaks Secondary School. She is passionate about business and hopes to pursue law in the future. In school, Vannessa enjoys her time in DECA and Student Government. Outside of school, Vannessa is interested in all things photography and even runs her own portraiture business. Vannessa is extremely excited to work with Illuminate Universe this year as an Operations intern!


vinuthna vemireddy

Vinuthna Vemireddy is a grade 12 student at White Oaks Secondary School. Business and economics are her main interests, so she participates in DECA, TechUnder20 and other business clubs. Her favourite experience so far has been interning at Habitat for Humanity, where she was able to apply statistical analysis and problem-solving skills. In university, she wants to pursue finance and management.

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