Hi, my name is Trevor Wong, a BC high school student currently attending St. John’s School. I have, throughout my years in school, been notorious for having mediocre public presentation skills. I’ve taken classes, gone to MUN events, etc. - it has helped, but not much. I’ve also always been quite interested in business, taking classes and the like. I heard about the National Highschool Business Case Competition and thought “why not?” The greatest breakthrough in my public speaking, to date, occurred at this case competition. I’m not sure what it is, exactly, the initially small presentation size, my teammates, or just the topic, but I felt more comfortable than I ever had before on a podium. As a business competition, the topic was intriguing and relevant - the case was on Alibaba, a massive Chinese company. As such, if one wants to improve their speaking skills and likes business (like me), there is no better place to go.



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