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Your Uniqueness Will Not Be "Just a Marketing Strategy"

These days diversity and inclusion seem to be the hot topic amongst youth and adults alike: diversity in companies, in tv shows, in schools and in clubs. However, it isn’t just for the sake of marketing your organization as morally and politically correct, it is a necessary element to incorporate into any situation in life. Taking a look at the people around you, you will notice that no two people are the same. Since diversity is such a normal part of the everyday that surrounds us, how would it make sense for companies and organizations to not reflect that?

Therefore, for the conference that I will be hosting, diversity and inclusion will be made a priority, and not simply swept under the rug as the newest “trend”. Here are some things that we will be implementing to make sure that diversity is valued at our conference:

Promoting to diverse groups

Starting from the very people we invite to join us at our conference, we want to be promoting to a wider audience of people. As we invite more and more different people to our conference, we will be sure to take into consideration the factors that make sure to include all sorts of people, regardless of their background. Everyone is welcome here, and we are not going to hide that.

Creating a safe space

Of course, just inviting everyone to the same place doesn’t fix all the issues all at once. What happens once we are all here together matters just as much, if not more. Our workshops, speakers and discussions will be sure to reflect our values of diversity to make sure that all participants can feel seen and heard. Being different means there will be things that we disagree on, but a safe environment can still be upheld even if that is the case.


At our conference, we want to give those participants the opportunity to be included regardless of their background. That means that we are willing to give you the push you need to speak your mind. We want to hear what you have to say, even if you feel afraid of sharing it. The point is that we want to encourage you to step out of your comfort zone because your thoughts and ideas really do matter to us.

As someone who is a person of colour and an assigned female-at-birth myself, I’ve had my fair share of experiences with feeling unheard. At times I feel like I have to speak twice as loud as other people in order for them to listen to what I want to say. All this is to say, I understand what it is like to be excluded on the basis of factors that I cannot control, and I want diversity and inclusion to be prioritized at my conference.

Regardless of your ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and physical ability, know that your ideas are valued and that you are welcome to join in the conference. We don’t want to have diversity be just another box to check off: let’s continue this valuable conversation at the conference, I’m excited to see you all there!

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