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Uni Applications for Dummies

T'is the season of university applications.

Hi everyone! My name is Bernadette Kwok and I am a grade 12 student attending Dr. Norman Bethune C.I. Today, I had the pleasure to attend Jodi Buckley’s Think Tank on “The World of University Admissions” as a part of the Associate National Lead program where I get to build and host my own conference!

On top of exam week coming up, I'm sure most of you are also stressed about standing out in your university application. Jodi's presentation undoubtedly helped me in this regard. Here are some takeaways I think you should know to make your life easier... and your university application way better!

1. Research

Different universities offer a lot of different programmes, and have different requirements for applications. Start your research early and poke around different sections of their websites!

2. Shoot for the S.T.A.R

Jodi introduced the STAR method, which is the acronym for Situation, Task, Action and Result. To start with, introduce the Situation and describe the Task. Imagine it is like setting a scene in the movie. Then, talk about the Action you took to solve the problem, and the final Result.

(These are also great advices for future job interviews when we enter the workforce.)

Overall, the Think Tank session was very insightful. Jodi was a great presenter, leaving the attendees with a better understanding of the world of university admissions.


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