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Speaker Time with Alina Huang

On April 9, the Illuminate x Durham conference teams had the privilege of meeting the CEO of Illuminate Universe, Ms. Alina Huang.


Through the speaker time, I learnt many things from Alina Huang, her sharing the story of Illuminate Universe and her motivation to create this organization really inspired me, as it showed me a simple idea can be successful if you work hard. She also shared her accomplishments, such as when she recently authored an industry paper with Google and

Deloitte that was sold for more than $1M CAD.


Ms. Alina Huang also talked about the importance of our mindset and how our mindset affects what we do and the efficiency of it. This discussion really helped me understand the things I need to work on to ensure that I am successful in what I pursue.


Lastly, she also helped us navigate our way through LinkedIn, which will help me in the long run.


Overall, I am so grateful to have been able to attend the Speaker Time with Ms. Alina Huang as I have learnt many things that will positively affect me in the future.

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