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  • derek

Software development isn't just coding. It's a merger of coding, product management, and design.

Software engineering and business are constantly in demand as we enter a world dominated by technology. I'm Derek Song, a grade 12 student at Albert Campbell Collegiate Institute interested in UI design, and I had the privilege of attending Austin Teshuba's Think Tank on “UI/UX Design, Software Development and Product Management".

Austin provided excellent knowledge in the world of both technology and business, and how both worlds work together in creating a successful product. Austin introduced ourselves to the Arduino hardware and its language, C++, an open-source microcomputer that can be used to make personal projects such as an electronic dice, social distancing sensor, or even a drawing robot (!

Austin also mentioned how we can land a career not just in technology, but in any industry. Over the summer of last year I applied to many jobs but got rejected by quite a lot; during that time I got introduced to the term applicant tracking system-friendly resume. Austin expanded on that term, stating that the applicant tracking system is a robot that automates resumes and it's best to use a traditional resume design for technology-related jobs, as they usually use an ATS. For jobs such as graphic design or anything in the creative field, he suggested using a resume with a lot of colour and design to stand out.

On the topic of colour and design, Austin emphasized the importance of a personal brand and effective storytelling. Storytelling is an important communication skill that you will need to use during an interview, however, it can also be used to network and therein, find more opportunities. Having a personal brand also helps you to stand out from the crowd and improves your first impression with many people.

Finally, Austin mentioned that technology isn't just about coding, but also consists of a lot of design. The Windows operating system isn't just a command prompt, but contains a lot of icons and graphical user interfaces, making it easier for the user to use. This is the importance of UI/UX design- it helps make your product accessible.

I've always been interested in technology and design, and I think a career in UI/UX design would fit me. With Austin's assistance in creating a personal brand, gearing your resume towards different industries, and introducing us to new technologies, I feel better prepared for the future.


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