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My NHBC Reflection Blog!

Hi everyone! My name is Gurpreet Saini and I am a grade 10 student at White Oaks Secondary School. Today, I had the pleasure to attend the National High School Business conference. What I learned from this conference was what a CPA is and how the process is to become one.

There were 2 workshops that took place. One was on Mental health and one was on what a CPA is. Personally I learned more in the second workshop which was the CPA one because the way they presented got me attracted and learned some knowledge on that. I got to learn about the CPA designation and I am leaning towards that because it got me interested. In the presentation they talked about what skills are needed and a pathway take to take in oder to become a CPA. The most important skills I felt I needed to work on was communication because I tend to get nervous which I know is common but then I panic so this is why I try to join clubs to help improve my speech and get confident in what I say.

I got the opportunity to learn about what a Forensic Accountant is and I got interested to hear more. Forensic Accountant utilizes accounting, auditing, and investigative skills to conduct an examination into the finances of an individual or business. Personally, after they were done sharing what this occupation was, I was not much interested because I felt like investigation doesn't suit my skill set except that I like to problem solve, so this might be an occupation to think about for me if I want to pursue it.

The first Workshop I was in, talked about mental health and mental muscles. In the beginning the students gave an introduction and then talked about the 10 saboteurs. This was all new learning for me and I found it interesting. For the 10 saboteurs I felt like I was best fitted in the controller point. Then they moved on to positive intelligence brain and I found myself to be a stickler.

I learned what a supplementary application is and got to listen to a few students talk about their experiences and challenges transitioning from high school to post-secondary schools. Another factor I learned was that it is important to seek for extra-curricular activities and try to join as many clubs you can so you can have the experience and gain confidence in the knowledge you obtain. Then the slide with prerequisite courses appeared and all of these courses seemed interesting to me and I will plan on taking a few.

The part I enjoyed most from NHBC was the competition because I really liked the scenario and challenge. The part I found very challenging was when we had 80 minutes to prepare for a five minute presentation and so we knew we first had to break down the case and write what we understand from the data that was given. This is me and my team's first year competing in a business competition so at first it was hard to buckle up but then we found the phase of our work and created spreadsheets to re-write data. It was fun working with my colleagues by creating presentations and discussing solutions. Lastly, I would like to thank Illuminate Universe for giving me this opportunity of competing in the competition which was located online via Zoom. I would always like to participate in these competitions because I like to take on challenges! Since this was my first time participating, I really enjoyed it and was a lot of fun talking to my fellow peers and problem solving. This conference has definitely changed given a lot of knowledge to me and I plan to carry that in my near future goals!


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