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Life As A Software Engineer

This Saturday, I had the privilege of attending Sangeet Parashar’s Think Tank on “Engineering your life using software” as a part of the Associate National Lead program. It was a great experience where I got exposed to new ideas and perspectives, met like-minded peers and built my professional network. My main takeaways from this Think Tank are:

The first lesson I learnt from Sanjeet is that it's okay to change career paths. During the introduction, Sanjeet talked about how he originally changed his major 4 times before finally finding computer science. This gave me a sense of comfort knowing that I was not alone is being unsure of what career path I wanted to do.

Furthermore, Sanjeet brought attention to the growing use of technology in today's world. With so many AI programs that can do human activities, it is equally as important to have some knowledge and experience working with AI. Since I am also planning on going into a career field that works heavily with technology, this Think Tank session also allowed me to have a glimpse of what working with AI was like. Together, we created a chatbox that could take burger orders using a little bit of complicated programming. I thought this was so unique and so cool to see technology interact with our everyday human activities and how it is so possible for anyone to create anything with just an idea and a few lines of code.


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