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Illuminate X CPA Reflection Blogs

Hi everyone! My name is Shania Shenn O. Lazaro and I am currently a Grade 12 student at John Cabot Catholic Secondary School! Today, I had the pleasure to attend the National High School Business Conference, where I was able to learn and apply so many things I couldn't do in my school.

To begin, I had a chance to listen to different key note speakers. What I was extremely interested was the CPA Ontario. I am already a part of their HAP and I still enjoyed learning more about CPA. Also, I was able to learn more in depth about CPA designation, which is what I am trying to pursue this coming fall. It is my first time joining Illuminate and it is one of the best conference I have been to.

Moreover, I extremely enjoyed the CPA Ontario Challenge as it helps me learn to apply my skills in school. After hearing about the forensic accountants, I became even more curious. Now that I know what that is, I am even more excited to pursue CPA. There is still so much adrenaline left even after our judging period. Below is the picture during the CPA Ontario Challenge:

As I finished my first Illuminate Challenge, it opened so many opportunities for me. It gave me more knowledge about CPA, and now Forensic Accounting might be one of the things that I will consider. I would like to specifically thanks Aaron Guo for giving me this opportunity. I highly recommend this to everyone specially those who are interested in business.


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