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Communications report

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

On behalf of the Illuminate National Leads Team, we would like you to inform you of the changes made to NHBC 2019:

This year’s NHBC has brought some changes along with it, including changing one competition from a case competition to a pitch, an internship program, a career/university Q/A, and a networking luncheon. Students and sponsor teachers should also be aware that the Illuminate Leadership team has decided to reduce NHBC’s capacity by 65 %.

Furthermore, the Internship application is now live. The current positions available are Business Development Interns and Operations Management Interns, details and application can be found here:

1. The total capacity has been reduced by 65% from other years. Tickets are much more exclusive to get.

○ It’s important to reserve your ticket as soon as possible to ensure you’ll have a spot in the conference. It’s strongly recommended to reserve your ticket individually, before sending in your team list. Please note that if your application/ registration form is deemed insufficient, your spot will be rescinded.

○ NHBC will be moving to a complete application/ admission based process by 2020. 

○ As we are transitioning to this new model, we have integrated a few leadership questions required for registration. Fill out the leadership questions thoughtfully and completely, as they will become a part of your student profile to be shared with companies for future internship opportunities. Leadership questions are heavily weighted, and if deemed insufficient your ticket will be rescinded and refunded.

2. The Concentra Pitch Challenge will now require teams to begin working together exactly one week before the event. 

○ A pitch allows for more time to be put into preparing the presentation, which in turn will create a more in-depth solution. The solutions must be submitted at 6 pm the day before the conference. 

○ The contrast between the pace of the pitch and the case competition will allow you to better understand your individual strengths, weaknesses, and preferred working environment. 

○ Both competitions will also have a staggered starting point, which will make everything fairer.

3. This year’s conference also features a career and university Q/A, as well as a rotation networking luncheon. 

○ The career and university Q/A will help everyone, regardless of which path you decide to take. You’ll get advice from people who have taken unique paths on their way to success, so the advice you’ll hear is not something you can just find on Google. 

○ In addition to this, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with a variety of different people, including the presenters, Keynote speakers, and university mentors.

4. Another exciting aspect of Illuminate is our high school internship program. This is a unique and personalized opportunity that allows you to work with Illuminate and become a leader in your community. 

○ Other perks of being an NHBC intern include discounts to Illuminate initiatives, recognition at the conference, mentorship opportunities, reference letters/ checks, and volunteer hours. 

○ You can choose an area of Illuminate that interests you, including writing, e-commerce, marketing, etc. 

○ Throughout the entire process, you will be guided by intelligent and expert mentors that will be with you every step of the way, helping you achieve your goals. 

○ The skills learned from this internship are invaluable and will stick with you in the future. If selected, you may also be put in a position to run and manage the event on the day-of.

5. The three pillars that the conference will be focusing on are consulting, technology, and finance. 

○ These pillars provide a well-rounded approach to the modern world of business. The presenters give in-depth information on the fields they occupy, allowing for a first-hand account of what their jobs are really like. 

○ On top of the presenters, NHBC also includes some Keynote speakers. These speakers include the CEO and leaders of major Banks in Canada, Partners and leaders of Deloitte Canada.

○ Hearing these individuals stories is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and the messages they bring are insightful and can help guide you through your life choices. 

This year’s conference will provide both new and past attendees with new information, skills, and connections that can last a lifetime. To register, visit:


The Illuminate Leadership Team


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