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Coffee Chat with Samuel Wilson

Updated: Feb 3

Samuel Wilson is currently working at BC Cancer Foundation. They are striving for a solution to cancer by raising funds for BC Cancer to support world-leading scientists across the province.

My biggest takeaways from the coffee chat are:

  1. I've learned that up to 2 in 5 Canadians are expected to develop cancer in their lifetime.

  2. I've learned that BC Cancer Foundation has funded BC Cancer in their research, enabling them to discover and deploy the first effective prevention strategy for ovarian cancer as well as the development of the most advanced form of radiation therapy!

  3. Currently, BC Cancer Foundation is raising 500 million dollars to bring world-leading cancer care closer to home for every British Columbian.

My thoughts:

As a person who has long been interested in the medical field, this coffee chat has made me understand more about the medical crisis around the world. This helps me realize that cancer is just one of the many medical crises out there and that many have inevitably lost their loved ones due to these crisis. This helps me to understand more about the work in the medical field. Just like BC Cancer Foundation, in the future, I hope for the world to become a safer place for everyone. Now that I am able to hear from an expert himself, I am thrilled to continue my journey in the medical field to stop this crisis from repeating itself.

Tips and Advices:

"If you feel like quitting, think about why you started." As a student, this is a quote I always keep in mind as when things becomes more difficult to understand, I am prone to feel like this isn't for me and starts to think about quitting. However, every time I look back into the reason why I walked down the path of medicine, I couldn't help but keep on pursuing my passions and continue. Unlike many others who is simply determined and never thought about quitting, I was never like that due to my low self esteem. However, I am not as weak as to simply quit every time an obstacle comes as well.

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