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Coffee Chat with Samuel Wilson

Updated: Mar 28

I recently had the privilege of having a coffee chat with Samuel Wilson, a distinguished professional who is Development Officer at the BC Cancer Foundation. The BC Cancer Foundation strives for a solution to cancer by raising funds for BC Cancer to support world-leading scientists across the province.


  1. I've learned that up to 2 in 5 Canadians are expected to develop cancer in their lifetime.

  2. I've learned that BC Cancer Foundation has funded BC Cancer in their research, enabling them to discover and deploy the first effective prevention strategy for ovarian cancer as well as the development of the most advanced form of radiation therapy!

  3. Currently, BC Cancer Foundation is raising 500 million dollars to bring world-leading cancer care closer to home for every British Columbian!


From this coffee chat, I have gained a deeper understanding of the current global medical concerns. I've come to realize that cancer is only one aspect of a wider range of medical emergencies, all of which has taken countless lives. My enthusiasm for the medical industry is stoked, motivated by institutions such as the BC Cancer Foundation where my vision is for everyone to have the right to health and safety. During this conversation, I had the chance to hear directly from an expert and it just made me more determined to help combat these challenges. I look forward to my future studies to pursue a career in medicine.


As a student, knowing the difficulties required to study in this field, has become a challenge. However, thanks to the advice mentioned I was able to see hope. He mentioned, "if you feel like quitting, think about why you started". This quote brought back memories of the past and gave me the reason to continue and keep on pursuing my passions. Unlike many others who is simply determined and never thought about quitting, I was never like that due to my low self esteem and confidence. Therefore, to me, this quote was extremely significant and memorable during the coffee chat.


In the end, the coffee chat was informative, beneficial and eye-opening. I personally learned a lot and wishes that others could find this blog beneficial and that the information will prove useful in the future. It was a pleasant experience, and I hope to have more chances to connect with professionals again in the future.

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