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All about University Applications!

Updated: Feb 18, 2023

On Saturday I had an amazing opportunity to be part of Jodi Buckley's seminar which was all about University Applications and how to complete them perfectly. As a grade 12 student who is currently in the process of it, I find myself often having many questions about everything. From OUAC to supplementals all the way to finding due dates, this process can be extremely time-consuming and stressful and I am glad I had someone like Jodi to clear it all up.

During the conference, she spoke about many topics starting with where to apply. In Ontario, I knew it was OUAC but I was surprised to know that every province had its own version and that some universities do it completely on their own. Learning how to check and apply was a huge help and I needed that clarification, especially as someone who is applying to universities in both British Columbia as well as Quebec. The information was relevant and very useful.

Another part of the Think Tank that really stood out to me was when Jodi talked about myths surrounding university applications. I used to believe a lot of things that I know now aren’t true. For example as stupid as it sounds I used to believe that when writing supplementals I should pretend I am a type of way to make my chances higher but Jodi assured me that wasn’t the way to go, instead to be authentic which scared me before. She also talked about myths surrounding early admissions and how universities view grade 11 marks.

All in all this Think Tank was great and by the end, my stress levels were decreased drastically. I felt confident in myself and about applications. I am thankful Jodi took the time to look over everyone's questions and to explain everything. I learned a lot while having a great time.

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