Testimonial I am India, and to all future students who are interested in this event, this is a great learning experience. I would definitely recommend it to any new or familiar business students. I am was not enrolled in any business classes when I went but was familiar with the debate world. Illuminate put me in an environment where I could learn all the aspects I need to know for the future of the business world. To the point of intriguing me to take business-related courses at university. Even if you are not interested in business, it is a great way to learn about presenting which are skills you need in any field moving forward. In addition, you can practice your networking and social skills. This part of the event was one of my favorite parts, as once you meet people you can keep seeing them at other business events. The best part is you get to meet like-minded people your age and have a friendly competition. If you aren’t smiling now, you will be after meeting new people and going to workshops at this Illuminate event.

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