I’ve heard about Illuminate Vancouver ever since the start of my freshman year but having not been to any business competitions prior, I was unsure whether to attend or not. However, forming a team and attending the competition was a choice that I will never have any regrets for; not just because of my team’s achievement, but mainly the amazing experience and memories that have been formed there. Walking into a room with over 300 people, I would say that I was a little bit overwhelmed. My nerves quickly died down when Alina delivered her motivating opening speech. Illuminate Vancouver provided me the opportunity to connect with entrepreneurs, like-minded peers, and aspiring innovators. The various themed workshops were engaging and challenged my way of thinking. The Concentra challenge was when our team became aware of each other’s abilities, which helped us with the case study later on. In the business case, our team truly bonded and worked with one another under the pressure of a time limit, and no internet access. This opened my eyes to the beauty of teamwork. It led me to believe that everyone in a team brings a value to the table and without one person that value would be incomplete. I believe this applies to all teamwork settings. This was only one of the many takeaways from this competition. I truly believe that Illuminate Vancouver is fostering the next generation of innovators and business professionals. Illuminate Vancouver showed me the beauty of the world of business, and teamwork. It was an enriching, thought provoking, and immensely impactful opportunity. I would not hesitate to recommend attending Illuminate Vancouver to a single person.



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