The Future of
Lifelong Learning

A conference planned by students to appreciate our hardworking educators

Thank you for nurturing lifelong learners in such unprecedented times. Join Illuminate x CPA Ontario for a day of inspirational keynotes, engaging workshops, and an innovation challenge where teachers can win and take back to their classrooms up to $500 CAD in cash prizes. 

Register a teacher colleague to the event and be entered into a draw to win 1/6 $20 Amazon gift cards

Saturday, April 9th, 2022

About Us

Illuminate x CPA Ontario presents:

The Lifelong Learning 'Educators' Conference 


Virtually scheduled for Saturday, April 9th, 2022 from 10:00AM to 1:30PM EST, this conference brings together educators around the world for a day filled with engaging speakers/mentors, cash prizes, creative problem solving, teamwork, inspiring keynotes, and entrepreneurial development.

Teams of educators will compete - having the opportunity to showcase their creativity through educational workshops, networking sessions, and an innovation challenge. Throughout the conference, our educators will assess and redesign the current secondary business studies landscape system to target many unique individuals. Networking with like-minded individuals allows business enthusiasts to compete but also participate in experiential learning through interactive workshops and creatively stimulating activities. 


Led by an enthusiastic team of students to appreciate educators nurturing the future generation of young leaders, we are so honoured to share our vision of Lifelong Learning and set scale new heights when it comes to business education.

The three-pillar approach makes our events unique. Participating students may choose two out of the three pillars as their workshop choice to experience a full overview of the relevant business and leadership topics. There are unique pillars attached to each event, please visit respective NHBC event pages for details. Each event will also feature a unique case written and published by Illuminate and its partners on a current industry scenario. 


Conference Schedule (EST)

More info & updates are coming soon!

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Meet Our Team! 

Zoe Lau Profile.jpg

Zoe Lau

Hi everyone! My name is Zoe Lau and I am a grade 12 student at Markville Secondary. I'm very proud to represent Illuminate as a Co-Chair to the Educator's Conference. With a passion for management, taking on this role allows me to demonstrate my current skills while also learning from my resourceful team members.  The world is constantly evolving and educators play a key role in spreading knowledge. I'm looking forward to learn from the competitive creativity at this conference, and I hope you are as well!

The Next Generation of Business Leaders!

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Ariane Morency-Charbonneau_Headshot_No background.JPG

Ariane Morency-Charbonneau,
Events & Programs Specialist

Ariane has been with CPA Ontario for over 3.5 years. As a career development professional, her goal is to encourage students to pursue their interests and educate them on the different ways a CPA designation can fit in their career journey.

Headshot_Meghan Hachey.JPG

Meghan Hachey,
Student Recruiter

Meghan is CPA Ontario’s newest student recruiter. She herself just finished her schooling, so she brings a fresh perspective of learning and educating in a virtual world. She has always been passionate about helping others find their path and works to tackle barriers in education.

Our CPA Ontario Partners:

Our Guest Speakers:

Workshop leader for Illuminate Universe - Gerosavas.jpg

Christopher Gerosavas,
Workshop Leader

Christopher is a Senior Business Educator at St. Mary's Catholic Secondary School as part of the Durham District School Board. His designations are CPA, CMA, MBA and OCT, and he used to work for IBM and Deloitte for 15 years prior to teaching.

Dr. Leanne Keddie Headshot.jpeg

Dr. Leanne Keddie,
Keynote Speaker

Leanne Keddie is an Assistant Professor of Accounting, Sprott School of Business, Carleton University.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Each team must have FIVE teachers/ registrants. If you don't have five teammates, we will assign other teachers to your team.

How many people will be on each team?

Any individual registrants or teams with less than five people will be merged together with others to ensure all teams have at least five people. 

What if I don't have a team?

You will be sent a team registration form 2 weeks before the event. The form is due 1 week before the conference. 

Email us if you filled it in late:

You will be assigned a random team if you do not provide your team members' names. 

What happens if I miss the team registration deadline?

Registered teachers will be sent a team registration form two weeks before the conference. Everyone must be registered in order to form a team. The form will ask for their names and emails. 

When does

Team Registration happen? How do I register my team?

All team members need to each purchase a ticket by 4PM EST April 8th, 2022.

Do I need to purchase a ticket?

Each team will elect a “Team Leader/Captain” on the Team Registration form sent out 2 weeks before the conference to receive communications from Illuminate (event reminders, prepped case details, etc.). 

How will communications work?

National Partners

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The Illuminate Experience ...

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Bring a Friend Draw!

Current TCP Draw – Current members of the Teacher Colleague Program (TCP) will bring a teacher friend to the event that is not a current TCP. Your names will be put into a random draw to potentially win 1 of three $20 Amazon e-gift cards.

New TCP Draw – Teachers who were not Teacher Colleague Program (TCP) members prior to the event, and register for TCP prior to April 9th will potentially be drawn to win 1 of three $20 Amazon e-gift cards.

Process to entering the draw:

  1. Email

  2. Subject line: “Bring a friend Draw”

  3. In the body of the email, tell us:

    1. Whether you’re entering the “Current TCP Draw” or “New TCP Draw”

    2. Provide your TCP ID #

    3. Provide the name of the teacher you referred to TCP, or the name of the teacher who referred you to TCP

  4. Winners will be contacted via email