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Alexandra Angco

Ali Angco is a UX Designer who brings the voices of users to the table. While completing her HBSc. in Neurobiology at UofT, she fell in love with UX design. She swapped her lab coat for post-its and the pen tool and she hasn't looked back ever since. Today, she works at Akendi and has worked with companies such as Shell, Aviva, and Kijiji.

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Sebastian Mendez

Sebastian Mendez currently works as a UX/UI designer at Athlon with a background in Mechatronics Engineering. Working to combine the technical and creative aspects of his career path, he loves to learn as many new skills as he can. In his spare time he is an avid rock climber, photographer and concert-goer with over 200 concerts attended.


Heather Walsh

Heather Walsh became a Certified General Accountant in 1999 and worked in the investment industry for twenty years in increasingly senior financial reporting, fund reporting and compliance positions.  One of the things Heather has enjoyed since retiring is volunteering for CPA Canada’s Financial Literacy program facilitating workshops for primary and secondary school students, new Canadians, adults and seniors.

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Jodi-Anne Buckley

Jodi is a student recruiter at Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario (CPA Ontario).

She is an achievement and results-oriented June 2018 graduate with High Distinction, interested in opportunities that will support the development and implementation of an organization's Human Capital policies, initiatives, and processes.

Her educational background is quite diverse and reflects her interest in people, socio-cultural practices/customs, historical influences and how they intersect with business/organizations/society in general.


Ariane Morency-Charbonneau

Ariane is a student recruiter at Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario (CPA Ontario).

Through teaching, recruitment and career development experiences, she has found a sense of fulfillment that drives her to become a relationship-building expert.

She is experienced at facilitating high school workshops that teach students about the CPA designation and its potential career paths while building strong relationships with students, teachers, guidance counsellors, and external partners.

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