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Friends in high places:
we make an impact that matters.

Our mission is to be an internationally recognized model of educational excellence and innovation. We are seeking a team of passionate individuals to make this vision a reality! 

If you are someone who wants to create a diverse and inclusive legacy, join us and let's make a difference that matters.

What Our Team Does: We offer experiential learning and create virtual experiences to educate Canadians on specialized business skills that will propel them to success in the job market. Interested in joining? See the job openings below.

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Serving thousands of people across Canada

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We've been waiting for you

We offer various opportunities. Not only will you be building towards our vision of diversity and inclusion by helping others grow professionally, but you'll also receive competitive compensation and valuable experiences. Compensation will be project-based, starting from $1400, and based on experience.

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Digital Media Specialist Intern

What you will expect:

  • Design and develop Illuminate's website

  • Provide any graphic design support, as required

  • Edit and produce videos for social media channels

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Business Analyst Intern

What you will expect:

  • Identify & outreach business opportunities

  • Assist project management from inception to conclusion

  • Audit & optimize project performance

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Admission Advisor Intern

What you will expect:

  • Assist with recruitment through student interviews for admission

  • Follow up with prospective students through phone calls and emails 

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Education Program Coach

What you will expect:

  • Lead learners to accomplish programs on time

  • Facilitate the program by establishing regular communications and delivering coaching sessions to learners


Easy Eligibility

Candidates must meet the following requirements:


Be a Canadian Citizen, PR or Refugee

We welcome people of all beliefs and identities. In fact, over 50% of Illuminate's community are people of colour. We value the diverse ideas that are brought to the table. 


Be at Least 18-years-old or Above

Preference will be given to individuals with MBA/PhD or educational backgrounds. However, applicants with clear specialties or expertise will also be considered.

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