Alan Booth is currently the President and Lead Executive Coach at Blue Granite Coaching. He also completed his legacy at Deloitte Canada as a Partner in the"Partner Matters group" and playing an advisory role related to Learning and Leadership Development both for the firm itself and for its clients. Beginning in 2010, he led Learning programming for Deloitte’s Americas Region, leading the development and adoption of new generation offerings in response to the emergence of Deloitte University and pioneering expansion of major programmes which now form the global Deloitte curriculum. Alan was a member of the Deloitte University Partner Advisory Group advising on the development of the DU Westlake facility that opened in 2011 and was a founding partner on Deloitte’s Global DU Operating Committee, formed to govern the Deloitte University brand and experience across the network. He led development of the Deloitte University North site in Toronto, the 5th DU site to open globally and the first to apply the DU experience to an urban setting. Alan also advised on the development of DU Asia-Pacific in Singapore and DU D.Líderes in Mexico City. Alan brings over 30 years’ experience in Talent management to his role. He began his career in Labour and Employment Law roles in the banking industry, progressing through Training/Development and Corporate HR roles to the Director and Assistant Vice-President level. In 1999 he joined Arthur Andersen in Canada as Director HR and led the Andersen Canada staff integration into Deloitte in 2002. Following a further assignment in the financial services sector at the Vice-President level Alan was admitted as a Partner in Canada in 2006. Alan holds a B.A. in English from the University of Toronto, an M.B.A. from the Schulich School of Business, York University and a Certificate in Executive Coaching from Georgetown University.

Alan Booth

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